6 Life Creating Institute

Life Creating Institute

Posted on May 23, 2012 by team

One more famous institute of the Novosibirsk science centre – Institute of Chemical Biology And Fundamental Medicine. To comprehend all the processes and things inside the post you should have some knowledge of the molecular biology.

Robotic pipet station TECAN EVO – the system for automated pipetting of biogenic samples and chemical reagents for the following use during in vitro diagnostics (medical tests in the controlled environment out of an alive organism).

The institute was founded in 1984 as the Novosibirsk Institute of biochemistry.

In the 1980s the institute started to sequence nucleic acids: tick-borne encephalitis virus genome was deciphered for the first time in the world and later some genes of eukaryote too.

Capillary sequencers ABI

From inside

16-caoillary DNA sequencer

Deciphered nucleotide sequences

Genome sequenator cell of the second generation SOLID 3+.

Upgrade of a genome sequenator 454

Genome sequenator GS Flx+

Installation of the highly efficient parallel sequenation system SOLiD 5500xl

DNA amplifier

Test tubes

Working table in the lab

Electrophoresis of nucleic acids

Electron microscope

Tumour on the screen

Working place of a molecular biologist

The Institute also studies the bacterium Bacillus F (future-) that was discharged from pergelisol of the Mommoth mountain in Yakutia. Its age is dated some millions of years. It has already been prooved that this microorganism may positively influence life duartion.

Device for DNA fragmentation and disaggregation of microparticles Covaris S2

Most microscopes are of “Leica” company

Atomic-force microscope

Place for chemical washing

Nanoflakes measuring with help of Zetasizer Nano ZS

Mass-analyzer AutoFlex Sped of Bruker company.

Mass-analyzer QQQ 6410.

Chamber for molecule ionization

One more laboratory

Medical chemistry lab

Location: Novosibirsk

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    They can use the atomic-force microscope to look for Willard Romney’s brain (but they won’t be able to find it).

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    Nerd porn!

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    Who is Willard Romney?

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    Amazing place!

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