6 Dalmatinian Dog Adopts A Wolf Cub

Dalmatinian Dog Adopts A Wolf Cub

Posted on May 23, 2012 by team

In the beginning of May a Canadian wolf Jacob and a grey she-wolf Lopa living in Vladivostok became parents. But Lopa didn’t like her new role and ignored her 5 children, gave no milk and didn’t lick them. Even father paid more attention to his babies and was surprised at the behaviour of their mother.

People had to take the babies out of the cage and feed with special milk. However four of them didn’t survive anyway. Only one girl remained. They tried to put it next to a sheep dog but she acted quite aggressive. The cub was already dying…

Suddenly the local Dalmatian Ryba, aged 8, showed some interest to the cub. This dog has never had her own cubs.

The cub named Rapunzel started to look for milk that Ryba could not have. It seems to be a miracle but it appeared and Ryba started to suckle!

Ryba takes care of her little adopted daughter, sleeps only next to her, licks it clean, massages her stomach and doesn’t let stranges come close. Wolves have such a peculiarity – when they open their eyes for the first time they “imprint” what they see. In such a way they share the world between friends and enemies. On May, 18th Ryba became the first whom Rapunzel saw.


Location: Vladivostok

via goodnewsanimal.ru


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6 Responses to “Dalmatinian Dog Adopts A Wolf Cub”

  1. What a great dog. I hope her wolf daughter grows to be big and strong.

  2. OldBikr says:

    That is sweet.

  3. A Russian Percé rock, just like in Quebec.

  4. Cabbot says:

    That is so incredible. Such kindness from that dog.

  5. skopeil says:

    animals can live with different species..sad to say that human are not…:(

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