17 Asking God to Send Rain

Asking God to Send Rain

Posted on May 23, 2012 by team

It had not been raining in a little village Saty of the Almaty region for a month already and so the locals decided to arrange “Tasattyk” – invoke to the Supreme Being for help. It’s a holiday in many regions that have their own traditons related to it.

No rain – no good grass – no fat cattle. This lamb will become a piacular offering for the lives of thousands of other lambs.


17 Responses to “Asking God to Send Rain”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    Appalling ignorance. These tribalistic mossbacks are partying like it was 1399. They took a modern, quality Soviet experience/education, threw it away and decided “independence” and the Stone Age was better.
    “And life goes on..” And the nightmare goes on..

  2. Jason says:

    “River! Take the blood, bring us rain!”.

    pretty cheap excuse to eat some meat…

  3. Meh. says:

    It’s an excuse for a social gathering.

  4. Tommo says:

    Well it worked didn’t it? In Soviet times blaa blaa blaa

  5. yojimbo says:

    At least a tribe is like an extended family and everyone helps each other more “primitive” tribes have/had warriors that will die to protect it they shared the land the land belonged to that one tribe as a group not a person so they actually have a pretty good society.

  6. cro says:

    Their rain calling skils are remarkable, but their culinary skills are poor. Boiling meat and some pasta? And thats a festivity lunch? What do they eat on ordinary day? Raw meat? Grass? Mud?
    Theese lambs deserve better treatment…

    • Tovarich Volk says:

      Perhaps you’d rather they eat Tofu and Brown Rice then to circumvent cruelty to defenseless animals???

      • Hirsh says:

        I’d rather they properly cook a delicious meal after they slaughter the lamb, you know, rather then this gruel they apparently make with it. A bunch of meat and guts + pasta boiled in a hole in the ground is a poor excuse for a meal, let alone a festive one. They could do better.

    • burak says:

      you are missing the point…maybe they choose to live a simple life….at least they are happier then you and me…

    • ho fo sho says:

      Maybe they had a bottle of ketchup available on the picnic blanket to add flavor?

      Notice how it’s almost all very oldsters with a few young children?

  7. WackyRuss says:

    These people are Kazakhs. They are not doing anything that doesn’t happen to meat in a processing plant. The way they do it is actually better and more organic. I cannot believe the ignorant posts on this thread. I’ve been to Kazakhstan and they were very nice folks. They were some of the most hospitable people I’ve ever encountered.

    • Hirsh says:

      “They are not doing anything that doesn’t happen to meat in a processing plant.” BULL – no legitimate meat processing plant would get away with slaughtering and preparing animals like these people. Not in any county i would buy meat in.

  8. Anastasis says:

    What are you eating hypocrites in your home?
    P.S.υπο+κριτής=υποκριτής,means hypocrite
    (under of justice).

  9. yojimbo says:

    Different people are different what is an appealing meal to you may not be to someone from another culture and those are noodles not pasta.

  10. lax says:

    No rain, eh? Come to Serbia, it keeps raining for over two weeks now.

  11. sandeep_halder says:

    i think it’s their culture and the life they have chosen for themselves. so be it. why to disturb their existence with our own morality.

  12. Synth says:

    They look happy!

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