2 Hydropower Stations of Dagestan

Hydropower Stations of Dagestan

Posted on May 22, 2012 by team

You probably know that Dagestan has many beautiful places and impressive constructions. Let’s visit some of them in this post.

In the museum of hydropower engineering you may see models of hydroplants.

Local meal

Road to a hydroplant

Gergebilskaya hydropower station


Gergebilsky reservoir

One of those who built the station

The generator. Water goes through the piping below (spiral chamber) and makes the working generator wheel rotate. Looks like the most extreme aquapark!

Gunibskaya hydropower station

The unique relief


You still may see the remnants of the fortress that used to encircle this district for dozens or even hundreds of kilometers.

The Khunzakhsky district where they are building Gotsatlinskaya hydropower station. When the construction is over nobody will see these landscapes again.

Temporary spillway for the period of construction

Here will be the dam.

Mine-mill machine

From here water will go to the generators of the working station…

..to flow out from here.

Untsukulsky district, Irganaiskaya hydropower station. It’s unique because the dam is located in one place and the station and the generator are in another place. The tunnel from the dam to the station is 5 km long! Water flowing in it activates the current generator.

Irganaiskaya hydropower station


Chirkeiskaya hydropower plant just strikes imagination! While you are at the foot of its dam you can’t close your mouth..

They plant trout here!

Trout for dinner, anyone?

Water turbine

Disassembled generator.

On the bottom of the spiral chamber. Soon only water will be here.

Excess water in the dam spills out from here

Location: Dagestan

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  1. Will says:

    Looking down into the spillway tunnel is what my nightmares consist of. Always been scared of deep dark water.

  2. Ty-ty says:

    beautiful views. Also, water turbine made in 1975 seems very solid and well built

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