5 Adult Toys On Childrens Playgrounds

Adult Toys On Childrens Playgrounds

Posted on May 22, 2012 by team

Omsk has always been a military city. Founded in the 18th century as a border fortress it became the biggest centre of the defence industry of the USSR in the 20th century, the city of military units and army institutions. No wonder that there are real tanks and self-propelled units on many playgrounds. 

The tanks were welded up and placed on playgrounds. Planes were there too, but people contrived to disassemble them.. Such a toy costs about 1 million dollars. 1000 of tanks – 1 billion dollars. One billion of dollars on children’s playgrounds! Can you imagine that?

The most famous playground tank of Omsk – T-62. It used to be in the company of L-410 plane and a vessel on submerged wings “Raketa”. But only the tank remained.

A medium tank T-62 that was put into service in 1961 and was produced till 1973 undergoing various upgrades.

In general 20 000 of T-62 units of different modifications were made. Т-62 participated in bringing the troops to the Czech Republic in 1968. However during the conflict with China on Damansky island its operation was not successful. The Chinese managed to disable and capture one T-62. The battle history of this tank also included Afghanistan, Chechnya, South Ossetia…

Today two units of Т-62 beautify playgrounds of Omsk.


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5 Responses to “Adult Toys On Childrens Playgrounds”

  1. ptc says:

    “The Chinese managed to disable and capture one T-62″ That was how tank was invented in China :-)

  2. Tommo says:

    Hahah, Russia awesome. In Brisbane Australia, we had an old A7V German tank from WWI that was left outside the museum, but they had to move it inside after some young girl smashed her fingers in the door.

  3. Mumbling freak says:

    Much more interesting than swings and a slide :-)

  4. Doc Johnson says:

    I can’t imagine having those type of “adult toys” to play with as a kid.

  5. Tommo says:

    In Brisbane Australia we had an old German tank from WWI ‘Mephisto’ in the grounds of the museum that kids used to play on, til one squashed their fingers in the hatch

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