9 If You Cannot Buy Do It Yourself

If You Cannot Buy Do It Yourself

Posted on May 21, 2012 by team

In the time of the developed socialism many people dreamt about their own cars but couldn't afford them. They saved money and waited in lines to buy a desired car. Some dreamers even dared to make cars themselves.

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OKTA is considered to be the first hand-made car of the USSR. Not much is known about it now.

Cars exhibition 1981

The car was built in 1933 in Novocherkassk, the Rostov region. The car was made according to a three-wheeled scheme with one rear driving wheel. The engine was supposedly a motorcycle one. Practically all sources describe the car as a two seat one but looking at the photo you can hardly see the second seat. The mass of the car is 236 kg. But who weighed it so precisely?

People's technical art was especially flourishing in post-war years.


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9 Responses to “If You Cannot Buy Do It Yourself”

  1. pæz says:

    Sexy cars!

  2. Tutan says:

    Something about safety?

  3. CZenda says:

    The “Pangolina” and following photos show clear influence of Bertone´s (ugly) school of late 70s/early 80s. But, to be fair, these enthusiasts, who combined parts and styles from several cars, did the same what Chinese do today. I mean, if one looks at the production of today´s Chinese car makers, it is like a deja-vu or a bad LSD trip: headlamps from a beemer on Toyota-shaped body, while the rear part resembles Fiat…

  4. Andy says:

    That “Yuna” if a handmade car is one of the best sorted production ready car I have ever seen. It’s actually good looking for it’s time. Should have been built by somebody,

  5. petrohof says:

    there is no safty in russia

  6. Tobbe says:

    Yuna looks like a nice sports car

  7. Alan V says:

    aThe Yuna borrowed some dashboard controls from Toyota. Still it’s not a bad looking car.

  8. Anthony Grace says:

    I think everyone of them is an excellent effort considering the lack of resources a lot of people building these cars would have had deal with in Soviet Era Russia. Some are little odd looking and some are excellent looking.

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