1 The 4th Class of Fire Danger

The 4th Class of Fire Danger

Posted on May 20, 2012 by team

A serious fire-hazardous situation occured in the south of the Almaty region. Lack of precipitations and strong wind caused in the 4th, last but one, danger class. Let’s fly over the region and see how they try to solve the problem.

In spring the delta of the Ili river is very beautiful. The region has a unique microclimate and such plants that cannot be found anywhere else in Kazakhstan.

It’s a paradise for any animals!

For air fireground recon private planes and helicopters are rented. This is Bell-206, the miniature and very maneuverable helicopter which is important for finding hot spots.

The 4th class of danger presupposes double patrolling of the territory.

Fire in the steppe

Suddenly a minibus appears..

The helicopter blocks the way to incendiaries. The minibus stops.

Meanwhile, the tamarisk and saxaul are burning…

When they were asked why they had set the steppe on fire they explained they had wanted to get rid of wolves that stole their sheep… What an original way to fight wolves!

The attempt to find “a peaceful way out” failed. They will have to pay a huge administrative fine.

Burning is forbidden in May. Dry grass is to be burnt in February-March when the process can be controlled. May winds may destroy the territory of a state forest fund.

Help is needed, the guys go for forest protection troopers with fire-fighting equipment.

In 15 minutes the helicopter is back

It’s quite risky to fly so low in the smoke because it may result in surging of the turbine…

Of course such a fire cannot be extinguished with a backpack…

However it can help to localize it.

Soon they run out of the water…

Even green grass is burning…

People rent lands in the region and do not care much about fire safety. All fires are caused by locals.

This year on the territory of the state forest fund there have been 7 large fires.

We are up in the air. It’s been an hour from the moment of the arson. The fire has already segmented with the wind. Now only special equipment can fight it.

Here the riparian woodland has been recently fully destroyed…

Children of Bakanas

In another hour special equipment arrives.

Flying low over the Ili river and near

A new Eurocopter AS350-B3 is going to fight fires too…

In Bakanas

Light plane Partenavia P.68

Flying over the crowd…

… to throw down fire safety leaflets…

Unique Asiatic poplar forest

Asiatic poplar (Populus diversifolia) grows only in Central Asia

They say that the tree survived in the last ice-age…

The aul is burning, half an hour ago everything was fine there…

Three yards are in fire. The owners can’t cope with it by themselves… Locals often try to solve their problems with help of fire and often suffer from it themselves. In 2005 a fire in this region that occured in 4 farms killed 230 domestic animals. The wind spread the fire along 1 thousand hectares…

Vehicles of the air multifrequency network

New Eurocopter EC-145 is training to fly in the Kazakh climate conditions.

They are equipped as air ambulances.


Training to land in mountainous regions.

Descent from a 30m height is rather risky.

Two colleagues are standing by on land.

Another team is getting ready

The training lasts for 3 hours till the helicopter runs out of the fuel.

This territory Malaya Almatinka that underwent two serious hurricanes is highly endangered too. Such a picture can be seen on the territory of 700 hectares… God forbid fire here!

Mezhdurechensk village

Unloading a helibucket

The troopers set fire to cane

The mission of the helicopter crew is to fly over the fire as much precisely as they can.

And throw 3 tons of water down on it.

Younger guys learn to use backpacks.



By the way, forests occupy only 4,3% of the country territory in Kazakhstan…

Location: The Ili river

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