1 The Bridge Called Metro

The Bridge Called Metro

Posted on May 18, 2012 by team

Let’s read about the creation and work of the construction thanks to which the metro could cross the Dnieper many years ago and come to the left bank of Kiev.

Bridge “Metro” is the first metro bridge over the Dnieper in Kiev. It was opened in November, 5th, 1965 together with the third metro launch complex to the left bank of Kiev.

The bridge on the old drafts.

The bridge can be called a double-level one. The lower level is intended for cars and pedestrians, the upper – for trains of the subway.

The length of the bridge is 685 m, the full width – 29 m, the width of the upper level – 9,4 m.

The bridge “Metro” was built near the former Nikolaevsky bridge destroyed in 1920 and the bridge named after Eugenia Bosh that was exploded during WWII. On the photo – explosion of a footing of the bridge named after Eugenia Bosh. In the centre – the highway of the future bridge “Metro”.

Beginning of the bridge construction.

The bridge is the first largest reinforced concrete arched construction on dry joints: separate reinforced concrete elements of the bridge are joined by metal bolts.

On the photo: the assembly process of the first main beams of the bridge.

Highway levels were assembled on the ready arches and semi-arches.

Top level being mounted

Two halves were going to meet


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