4 Photoreport of a German Invader

Photoreport of a German Invader

Posted on May 17, 2012 by team

During WWII the Germans took hundreds of thousands if not millions of color photos on Agfa Color film. Now these photos are slowly digitized and appear in the Internet.
Such photos are often of bad quality but they still arouse interest and make us feel the tragic reality of that time.
These photos belong to some Robert Bothner and despite the bad quality it’s interesting to see them anyway.

On the photo above – occupied Smolensk.

Looking at the photo there is a feeling of full devastation, but in the beginning of the German occupation the city was unharmed for at least 90%.

Less ruins


Belaya vezha, Simeonovskaya Church and a building of a gymnasium.



Occupied Warsaw

Palace in Warsaw

Occupied Gent, see the difference?


Trading workdays of occupied Gent

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4 responses to “Photoreport of a German Invader”

  1. Xoliul says:

    Hah wow, how unusual to see pictures here of my hometown Gent! My girlfriend lives close to that first picture, it doesn’t look very different today actually.

  2. Tommo says:

    Yeah, I went there in 2010. Looks the same almost exactly.

  3. chemia says:

    german occupation was nothing against sovien occupation of Poland…

  4. Xll says:

    This is Russia, idiots, NOT Poland. There was no Russian occupation in Russian’ city Smolensk. Only Germany in WWII an Napoleon in 1812 occupied it. Oh, well, with who am I talking?! With people who don’t know Russian history at ALL.

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