17 At the Eastern Front of WWI, 1914-17

At the Eastern Front of WWI, 1914-17

Posted on May 17, 2012 by team

Some photos taken at the Eastern Front during WWI, 1914-17.

A farmer woman from East Prussia is feeding German soldiers.

Cossack officers of East Prussia, 1914

Soldiers going to fight, 1914

German soldiers with the artillery in Russia, 1914

Some of them were killed

German soldiers in Russia, 1914

A wounded soldier at the railway station in Tilsit, 1914

Ruined bedroom in a villa of Tilsit, 1914

Russian war prisoners crossing the bridge in Novo-Georgievsk, Eastern Front, 1915


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17 Responses to “At the Eastern Front of WWI, 1914-17”

  1. ddl says:

    Ruined fort in Prague, not far from Warsaw, 1915? Fires in Prague, suburb of Warsaw invaded by the Germans, 1915? Pregue is not far from Warsaw? Whats the hell are you speaking about? Use map before you type something.

  2. Fikolek says:

    I’m just waiting for the war when Poland denounces the Chinese – the best let it be 4 War! Because then Chinese will pass through the Russian 8 times – WielkaPolska 1610!

  3. skopeil says:

    men love to grows mustache in that era…

  4. xmz says:

    Praga is a district of Warsaw.

  5. osip says:

    “Russians are teaching German war prisoners to dance, Eastern front, Russia, 1915″
    They should have known better. Everyone knows the German is incapable of dance.

  6. Matlok says:

    It’s unfortunate that the Western front of WW1 gets the most attention in the history books! Very interesting post.

  7. WWtS says:

    Interesting note: Ruzhan (pl. Różan) fortress now houses Poland’s only nuclear waste storage.

  8. CZenda says:

    Nice photos, maybe a few pictures of Przemysl next time?

  9. Scout says:

    “Russian soldiers with a howitzer on the wooden raft, Russia, 1915″ This photo is marked incorrectly. It should state “DECOY Russian Soldiers” as the howitzer and the men are all scarecrows…a common tactic to draw either cavalry or infantry into a fight.

  10. German-speaker says:


    You have made a number of errors in several places:
    Apparently “Tilzit” is back-translitrated from the German spelling “Tilsit”. Also Under this Name, it was a German town (until ’45), not a Russian one

    The photo subtitled “German troops are entering Warsaw, 1915″ has a German inscription reading “Warsaw shortly before being captured by German troops. A Russian fortification battalion is leaving Warsaw”

  11. SSSR says:

    The cold war was the most useful war!Not 1 nuclear warhead was launched and look at our technology today!!

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