6 Sogdiana Breathing With the Past

Sogdiana Breathing With the Past

Posted on May 16, 2012 by team

North of Tajikistan is occupied by the Sogdian region named after the ancient capital Sogdiana. Nowadays its territory is shared between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The population is also combined, people can speak at least 3 languages: Tajik, Uzbek and Russian. However young people are worse at Russian than the “Soviet generation”.

Near Khudjand there is a so-called “Tajik Sea” – Kairakkum reservoir. For the locals it really substitutes a sea. People from all over Tajikistan come here to rest.

Each foreigner coming to Tajikistan has to register in the police within 3 days.

From Khudjand you may have a trip to Istaravshan, the city is very ancient.

Over the city is a hill with remains of the ancient fortress that was allegedly invaded by Alexander Makedonsky. Though it’s not the monument of Makedonsky but some local medieval figure.

Children are going to bathe somewhere

The city still has some old colorful mosques in a typical Uzbek-Tajik style.

Hats to put on for a prayer

Medieval madrasah resembling the architecture of Samarkand.

Teacher in the madrasah

There are many Soviet cars here. Many people start driving at the age of 15.

Children often do not speak Russian, but some of them know English a bit. Foreign tourists come here more often than tourists from Russia.

Brides. Local girls do not like to be photographed. If their husbands (future husbands) will see the photos it will turn out badly for them.

The most crowded place in Istravshan is the market. Local watermelons are not tasty due to the salty soil, so they prefer to bring them from the south of the country.

The Sogdian region is separated into two parts by the mountains.

The main city here is Pendzikent. It’s not so far from Uzbek Samarkand. However Uzbek authorities often close the customs for an indefinite period.

In the outskirts there are still preserved ruins of Pendzhikent destroyed by the Arabs.

Rice trader. Rice is grown here, in the valley.

They have definite problems with public transport. Off-road vehicles are the most suitable for the mountainous region. The Chinese will complete construction of a tunnel soon and the situation will have some better solution. The tunnel once built by the Iranians is in a miserable condition.

The Chinese are building roads all over Central Asia. They say mainly prisoners work at such constructions.

Dushanbe resembles a big village. Local population mostly consists of provincials who once came here. In the yards they have special sheds with tandoors where they bake bread. Also, in the yards, there are bib-cocks used for washing carpets right there. Almost along all streets little aryks are situated.

Near Dushnbe is Gissar village that also has remains of an old fortress.

Cafe in Dushanbe

Market in Gissar

Cheap and tasty food

Location: Tajikistan

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    Tajikistan is really nice.
    too bad there is no photo of chinese workers camp, thats quite harsh. not much people would accept such working conditions.
    There is also a lot of chinese trucks supplying the country with all sort of goods.
    no photo of dushambe, it is not a big village, it is a rather large city but with lots of trees that make it nicer.

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