2 Kamchatka: Up To Avacha, Part II

Kamchatka: Up To Avacha, Part II

Posted on May 16, 2012 by team

Avacha Up 21Let’s continue the way to Avachinsky volcano. It only seems that its top is conic, in fact it’s like a field… a lava field.

Avacha Up 2Avacha Up 3Avacha Up 4Avacha Up 5Avacha Up 6Avacha Up 7Avacha Up 8Avacha Up 1Avacha Up 9

Avacha is so colorful!


Avacha Up 10Avacha Up 11


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2 Responses to “Kamchatka: Up To Avacha, Part II”

  1. Cabbot says:

    Nice! Beautiful shots!

  2. BC says:

    I have climbed Avachinskiy but these pictures are so much better than mine – well done!

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