8 The Craziest Secret Military Project of the USSR

The Craziest Secret Military Project of the USSR

Posted on May 15, 2012 by team

The “Mole” under the mountain “Bagodat”


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8 Responses to “The Craziest Secret Military Project of the USSR”

  1. Darkness 99 says:

    the last pic is the schematics of RORSAT reconnaissance satellite =))

  2. D says:

    man… imagine having to sit in one of those things, if the constant shaking didn’t drive you nuts the noise would be deafening.

  3. Fred Johnson says:

    Fantasy….. You can’t do it. the earth that the machine displaces MUST “go” somewhere. You could see it, and hear it coming from a mile away.

    And in many cases, like the TBM’s of today (tunnel boring machines) they would be incredibly slow.

  4. Darkness 99 says:

    So thats why the only thing from this post, that actually exists, is the RORSAT. Plenty of these cold war relics (now defunct) still remain on high orbit

  5. IamBJC says:

    It is pretty funny, though, when you think of all the crazy shit that’s been tried by the USSR, Germany, England, France, and the USA to find a better stick. There were some utterly ridiculous things tried! Some are laugh out loud funny when I see them! It’s like, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!”

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