6 Test-Tube Children And Surrogate Mothers

Test-Tube Children And Surrogate Mothers

Posted on May 15, 2012 by team

20 % of Kazakhstan population have infertility problems. It means each fifth couple…

Many families have children only thanks to IVF program. Some others use services of surrogate mothers and they do not want to be photographed or interviewed being afraid of the evil eye. They say that society still doesn’t accept the children who were born in a way different from the traditional one.

Rimma agreed to tell her story to inspire other women who lost their hope to have children. Before IVF she worked in a construction company, her husband was a driver. After giving birth to Polina she left her job to pay more attention to her daughter.

She doesn’t understand women who say that they do not want to have children, or do not want yet. Happiness for her has always been connected with maternity.

She’s been dreaming of children since being a child herself. But many disappointments waited for her. She got pregnant but couldn’t give a birth to a baby… Her husband supported her as he could. Though it was never enough. She envied moms for many years. IVF was a chance despite all difficulties related to it. There is an IVF center in Almaty where she finally called.

She had much support from close people and believed in skills of her doctor. Her dream finally came true, today she and her husband have a charming daughter who is going to turn 5 soon.

Rimma says she’d never been that happy.

“Our lives belong to her”

Each day they thank God and the favuorite doctor for the happiness to be parents. They are proud of themselves.

There are about ten clinics occupied with assisted reproductive treatment (ART) in Kazakhstan. Programs are standard in each clinic.

Tamara Dzhusubalieva, director of Reproductive Medical Institute: “Annually more than 13 thousand couples contact us having infertility problems. IVF is successful in about 40% of all cases. Thanks to this technology more than 6 thousand children have been born for the last 15 years. Couples from various regions come to our clinic, we offer lower prices for high quality”.

“It’s all thanks to IVF”

Today infertility problems are successfully solved and almost any family can have children. If a woman can’t get pregnant but has patent fallopian tubes insemination is applied. The procedure is not often successful. If fallopian tubes are not patent IVF is applied. They also apply various methods if men have reproductive problems.

The center has a donor sperm bank. IVF is getting more and more successful, each particular case is thouroughly analyzed.

Price of IVF procedure can reach 500-700 thousand tenge (3400 – 4700 USD) but there are other opportunities for those who can’t pay for it. Kazakhstan has been helping such couples with quotas for the last three years.

Patients aged 35-37 years old are sent to the IVF procedure. The women have to go through full examination before the procedure.

If a woman is under 35 she can wait for one year more. A couple is considered to be infertile if their attempts fail for a year.

“Do not disturb”

IVF is an opportunity to get pregnant if it is not achieved in a natural way.

If ISCI or method of sperm taking from a testicle do not work there is an opportunity to use donor sperm.

For women under 38 her chances to get pregnant are 40%.

In the process of IVF there form more embryos than needed for tranfer to a womb. Couples may agree to freeze them and use them in future.

IVF children, Rimma’s daughter Polina is in the centre.

Processing sperm

Taking oocytes

Impregnated oocyte is put into an incubator and the next day they check how successful the impregnation was.

Incubators are provided with carbon dioxide for control of Ph level.

Here they make ISCI

The tables with microscopes stand on anti-vabration legs and even if an earthquake occurs during the procedure it won’t prevent it. They also have self-contained power supply.

Almira and Gulzhan are friends, they underwent the process of surrogacy together. Both already had one naturally born kid but for different reasons they couldn’t get pregnant anymore.

In the IVF center each of them chose 9-10 women. It’s a psychological moment – surrogate mothers should like them too. Making of all documents requires more than half a year!

Attempts made in other clinics were not successful. IVF was successful in 25% of all cases at that time so they had 4 surrogate mothers in order at least one of them could get pregnant. Two surrogate mothers of Almira got pregnant (one – with twins!), and one Gulzhan’s surrogate mother got pregnant too.

Saltanat, 36, a surrogate mother and an oocyte donor. She is described as an honest, industrious and obliging person.  Decision to become a surrogate mother was made to financial problems she had in 2007. She was divorced and had a 17 years old daughter she grew alone. One client aged 49 got pregnant with twins with Sultanat’s cells. Soon she plans to buy an apartment. She was pregnant three times: for the first time she gave birth to a wonderful girl, then she had to stop pregnancy at the wish of the clients, now she’s pregnant too.

She doesn’t use the Internet to find clients, former ones give her number to the next ones. All these people know each other well.

Natural mothers are always present while delivery of a baby. It is immediately given to parents and the surrogate mother is sent to a postnatal department, she signs a negative in presence of a notary public and gets money at her account or gets cash.

It’s not so hard for her to refuse a baby she had 9 months inside. She is cold-blooded enough. It’s not a baby from a beloved man and she realizes from the very start that it’s not her child.

When she won’t be able to be a surrogate mother anymore she plans to be a nurse or a psychologist in any IVF clinic. For now she knows she does something good. However only some of her relatives know how she makes her living.
It’s better to use service of a surrogate mother over 30, in such an age women are not light-minded, they care about their health. Surrogate mothers shouldn’t have bad habits, smoking is very bad for ovarian function.

She makes friends with other surrogate mothers. Clients come from Russia, Europe… Such kind of service costs 15-25 thousand dollars.

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  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    Fertility worldwide is on the decline. The population boom peaked around 1970. Now, it’s just because there are so many people that even if you have a birthrate just over 2.0, the numbers of humans will continue to increase. Fertility rates in other species (specifically amphibians, but also many fish, reptiles and mammals) are also declining. Leeching chemicals from plastics are acting like estrogens, effectively feminizing some species of fish and amphibians. Other chemicals in the environment are causing mutations in sperm cells, rendering many infertile. But I’m a neo-malthusian so this doesn’t bother me.

  2. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    Just what we need. Can’t find a parking space with all the people as it is. And Betty Boop in Kazakhstan??!

  3. asteroid no.444 says:

    Kid to a test tube: “Hi, Dad!”

  4. Macsen says:

    ” Each day they thank God and the favorite doctor for the happiness to be parents. ”
    WTF??? Thank the doctor, and the years of effort of the scientists, not some invisible magic man, of whom there is no evidence of!!

    • Rafe says:

      You’re wrong my friend, you can’t prove God doesn’t exist. Don’t use your brainwashed school book knowledge.
      – Love and peace

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        haha – it’s a tie – You also can’t prove that god exists. No one wins – no one loose. But I’ve heard of a Flying Spaghetti Monster ;)

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