4 Star Wars Laser Machines of the Soviet Past

Star Wars Laser Machines of the Soviet Past

Posted on May 15, 2012 by team

In the end of the 1970s – beginning of the 1980s all the world community was under the impact of Hollywood “Star Wars”. At the same time under the iron curtain and high secrecy the Soviet “Evil Empire” was transforming the Hollywood dreams into reality.  Soviet cosmonauts flew into space armed with laser guns “blasters”, new battle stations and space fighters were being designed and Soviet “laser tanks” were slowly crawling along the Earth… 

One of the organizations that designed combat laser stations was R&D “Astrophysics”. In 1982 they put into service the first self-moving laser station 1K11 “Stilet”.

The task of the station was to oppose optoelectronic surveillance systems and weapons control in a battlefield in severe climate and operational conditions.

Its combat qualities were outstanding for that time, nowadays they still meet the requirements of defence and tactic operations conducting.

“Stilet” was accepted for service but was not produced in lots. Two pre-production vehicles remained unique. Nevertheless their existence in the time of crazy total Soviet secrecy was noticed by Americans.

Here’s how the Soviet laser station was imagined abroad. The picture is from «Soviet Military Power» magazine.

SLK 1К11 «Stilet» – the picture from “ATM” magazine #5 2010, Czech Republic.


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4 Responses to “Star Wars Laser Machines of the Soviet Past”

  1. petrohof says:

    pictures of the inside, even with the technologies removed would be of interest. maybe next time?

  2. XyuH says:

    You may not know this but the lazer beam is actually supercritical gasetious substance heated to 50,000 kelvin (at present time by fission reaction) . So all of this junk displayed must have some type of magnetic containment which currently would never fit into those pieces of junk

    • iHME says:

      I’m surry but what the f**k are you talking about?
      Do not mix the terms between laser and plasma. Palsma needs magnatic containement.
      Laser is just coherent and monochromatic light.

  3. Tangowolf says:

    I think that XyuH was implying that this was not a laser weapon but a “plasma weapon.” It’s been proven time and again that developing a “plasma weapon” is not feasible and impossible since the dispersion and attenuation of plasma – let alone creating it – would make it little more than an extremely expensive space heater.

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