20 Presents For the Lonely

Presents For the Lonely

Posted on May 15, 2012 by team

There are veterans in the Smolensk region who live without gas stoves, fridges and TV. In some flats of the veterans even floors are collapsing. A group of enthusiasts bought presents and went to visit the veterans and help them somehow.

The Smolensk region, village Monastyrschino, 450 km from Moscow.

This is Lyubov Dmitrievna and her story: “My brother was hanging behind the window for a whole week and I saw it each morning. Mother was begging on her knees to take him off but was only hit by a club”.

Lyubov Dmitrievna is a widow of the war veteran, she lives alone in her little house: old photos in frames are on the walls, plain and cosy. She likes to watch TV series but her TV set has broken. It was the best friend in her loneliness.

“We didn’t live at all, we saw only cold and hunger, nothing but them!”

The volunteers presented a new TV set to the elderly woman. She was touched and looked even younger at once, was crying with joy and such attention to her. But the volunteers had 8 addresses more ahead.

Praskoviya Sergeevna was the next, she’s going to turn 90 in October. Her husband was a front-line soldier who died after the legs amputation, he had been serving for 16 years, 1940-1956.
The guys presented her two sets of products and a new TV set and flowers, of course.

The volunteers are listening to stories about the war with shudder.

Vasily Nikolaevich is a machine gunner, has been living with his wife for 60 years already. They wanted a washing machine and they got it. Soon the veteran will have to obtain a certificate for a new flat, because they have no necessary facilities now. Daughter takes care of two lying elderly parents. The volunteers got the information that the local authorities didn’t want to give the certificate to the veteran but when the information reached Moscow they immediately changed their mind…

Tamara Nikitichna was found in her garden. She is 86. It is sad to see the house where tries to survive the lonely elderly woman: no water, no stove. However Tamara Nikitichna got a certificate for a new flat and her children bought a house in Smolensk though they disburse the funds under the loan from the granny’s pension. She says that the situation of her children is not easy and she has to help. It seems they come here only for her pension..

Tamara Nikitichna used to wash linen in cold water in the war time …

Her husband, a front line soldier, died 12 years ago.


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20 Responses to “Presents For the Lonely”

  1. vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

    This makes a nice, albeit touching, change from the duck-faces and fake plastic bodies. Keep things like this coming, ER.

  2. dian says:

    i have unanswered question.. Does everyone in russia (especcialy old people) feels that germans are evil at the past?

    Some propaganda in poster, letters, etc that i found in englishrussia.com article about abandoned place or soviat at the past, give me information that soviet people hate WWII & germans

    • Mike Talino says:

      Russians never hated Germans in fact.
      As a quick proof: go find a single photo of a Russian soldier posing against a killed German — if you can, but there’s no any, while there’s a plenty of German photos like that.
      Russians fought for their homes and families and their country not against the German nation (it was not only german soldiers but most of Europe in fact I hope you know that) but anainst the foul fascizm and violent ruthless capitalism which pushed the world into a war.
      That’s really what people were thinking and doing.

    • happy_canadian says:

      IIRC, 20 million soviet citizens died in WWII.

    • Don says:

      My granny lived in occupation. Germans didn’t burn villages here(South Russia) as it was in Belarus and central Russia,but still she afraided them and said that they didn’t have any maners! german soldiers could fart near women inside of their house like its a common daily thing. Other granny told how she saw a murder of 5 years old boy. German asked him where his daddy,he said-beatting german as*es! So he took him for his legs and kicked at the wall. Smashed his head.

    • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

      Close to 30 million soviet citizens died as a result of the war with Nazi Germany. Not much incentive for Russians to like Germans, even today.

      But that doesn’t mean all Russians hate Germans, certainly not.

  3. PKN says:

    Good deeds by and for good people.

  4. yojimbo says:

    A social worker that charges the people to visit them? What a jerk.

  5. randomBoy says:

    Respect for these young people!!!

  6. Matlok says:

    It’s so sad to see these pensioners, who suffered so much in their younger years, still suffering in their old age! May God bless these people and the volunteers who are helping them! What is the name of the volunteer organisation?

  7. texastwostep says:

    We need to see more articles like this and less articles about silicone women . These volunteers are the best examples of Russian generosity in a society that seems to have forgotten about the older generation.

  8. scott says:

    Hey Dian, from what I have been able to tell,it is not that the Russian people hate Germans; it is that they hate Fascists. Does that make sense? Also, many people think that Russians don’t like Americans; this is not true. Russians are very well educated and realize that much of these so called “feelings” are from politics/politicians.

  9. Otis R. Needleman says:

    May God bless all concerned, the veterans and those helping them.

  10. Fred Johnson says:

    Happens all over, the USA too. These people offered their lives, for their country, some gave it. And yet, after time goes by, they’re treated very poorly.

    It really ticks me off, that in the USA, so many government employees, like government school “teachers” (which are failing horribly) get so much more than veterans that gave so much more. Some of these people have wounds that may never heal, yet, failing teachers make so much more money, get so much more in benefits. And can’t even do their job.

    (thanks to unions)

    • yojimbo says:

      I know of no teacher that gets the benefits that a retired veteran or a wounded vet gets what teachers get free health care gets to shop at a less expensive tax free post exchange(military grocery store)what teacher gets 1/3rd of thier highest pay for retirement what teacher gets home loan benefits? None unless they happen to be a vet and receive benefits for that reason.

      I am a vet myself and sure the VA sometimes sucks but we get better benefits than any other citizen.No member of a union gets FREE health care like an active military member does or a retired/wounded vet does.

      You have no idea what you are talking about in your post you must not be a vet and must not be aware of the many VA benefits because you would not say such things if you where.

  11. Dan says:

    Those old folks are pretty damn tough. Not many people like them around these days.

  12. p51d007 says:

    What a nice thing they did to these elderly ww2 generation folks, who probably think the world has forgotten about them, what they had to put up with and what they did to beat back the invading Germans.
    Sadly, in less than 10 years, there will probably not be any ww2 veterans left.

  13. hedgehog says:

    Seems russian youth respect elderly more then western youth
    Nice to see that

  14. The Stegosaur says:

    We should all fight putin, his filthy corrupted dogs and their moronic voters.

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