18 Weapons of the XXIst Century

Weapons of the XXIst Century

Posted on May 14, 2012 by team

In May 3-6 they held the second international exhibition of armory and military equipment KADEX-2012 in Astana. Some more pictures of the event.

The newest samples of armory and military equipment were presented at the event. Baza-V company even showed various weapons, equipment and accessories for strikeball. They are almost like real.

This is a 40 mm grenade launcher on a machine “Balkan”. Complex “Balkan” was designed in the beginning of the 90s but the collapse of the USSR and further economic difficulties that didn’t let finish the project. Compared to the American Mk19M3 that was considered the best grenade launcher of the same calibre abroad, “Balkan” is twice more efficient and twice lighter.

Launcher “Dzhigit” (“Horseman”) represents a coupled portable air defence system “Igla” (“Needle”) for shooting with two missiles at the same time. AA sniper sits on a rotation chair and manually aims at the air target. The launcher is intended for destruction of objects flying low.

Bypass turbofan engine with a general afterburner and a rotation jet nozzle Al-31FP. Such engines are applied for fighters of “4++” generation, some modifications of Su-30 and Su-37.

Collection handmade knives

The large-calibre modular sniper rifle SAKO TRM-G M10 made by a Finnish company SAKO. It’s unique because it can shift to a necessary type of cartridge by change of a barrel, a lock and a magazine.

Beretta ARX-160 – an Italian submachine gun of 5,56mm calibre. ARX-160 is an element of a perspective complex of an infantryman equipment which also consists of an electron-optical gun sight and a new 40 mm rifle attached grenade launcher GLX 160. The aiming complex has a day, night and standard optic channels, a laser ranging system, a ballistics computer for the grenade launcher.

Samples of automatic of MKE company, Turkey

A collection gun SMGPK-II covered with gold made by Pakistan Ordnance Factory (POF), Pakistan.


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18 Responses to “Weapons of the XXIst Century”

  1. vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

    Awesome new and modernised equipment.

    • Matlok says:

      Why the name change??

      • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

        Some one took the name I’ve been using. Little point in keeping it, if for every comment I post, someone else posts something different using the name ‘ayaa’.

      • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

        Plus, why does it matter? Does ‘ayaa’ have some meaning that I don’t know of?! Because when I first posted a comment on ER (well over a year ago), I just typed in some random letters as my name and I never bothered to change it until recently!!

  2. Fred Johnson says:

    Gold plated guns are for pimps. They look like crap. Some things, just are not made to be gold plated. Guns, and cars.

    Small parts of a gun, would be OK, embellishments. But not the whole thing.

  3. osip says:

    Does anyone know the purpose for blanket on T72-M1 tank??

  4. Darkness 99 says:

    It seems like the UVZavod turned out to be too lazy to present the latest T90MS in this expo, although it was held not so far from the factory…

  5. D says:

    man that 40mm grenade launcher is so tiny compared to some of the bulky US designs, and it’s got a comfy seat!

  6. yojimbo says:

    I am no firearms engineer but I would say that the Beretta ARX-160 is a copy of FN Herstals SCAR system in many respects I see that the top version is chambered for 7.62x39mm M1943 and is using an AK/AKM series magazine the scar had the concept as well.

    The Turkish MKE company clearly has purchased production rights from both H&K and Beretta those are just M92Fs and various MP-5s with another name an likely made at lower quality standards or perhaps not the Brazilian company Taurus has made license copies of Beretta fire arms for many years and theirs as good as the Italians.

    The Pakistani fire arms are also license copies of H&Ks and Berettas.

    The Ukrainian Fort pistols are at least a partly original design they do seem to take inspiration from Sig Sauer I am reminded of Sigs P-200 series pistols looking at the Forts but they clearly have some uniquely Fort features I also see some ideas from Browning and also the IAI(Israeli) Jericho on some of the Forts.Doing some research it turns out that Fort and IAI have a contract agreement allowing Fort to produce its own version of the Tavor,Negev and Galil.

  7. Scout says:

    The ARX-160 is not a submachine gun. It is an Italian Assault Rifle which is part of the Soldato Futuro Project in Italy. It is designed to fire US and Russian ammo and can be built to spec.

  8. (r)evolutionist says:

    “Masters of War.”

    • yojimbo says:

      That is true do you know what the most reliable machines that humans produce are? Firearms of course one could use a firearm to hunt game and a bow and arrow is highly reliable in trained hands as is a sword or ax but a firearm takes much less skill to be deadly with generally speaking making it the small arm of choice.We will ever get to the point of bot needing weapons of war I do not think that we will warfare is just too easy and profitable if you are the one that wins.

      If you look at nature warfare occurs every single day in the animal world many animals compete for the same resource and a battle will ensure if the two encounter each other at the same time of course some prey can fight as well.There are also animals that work together rather than compete but thy are fewer.

      So I saw that we humans are not much different than any other animal and we fail to use our greatest asset our minds to solve problems in ways that do not require violence we have the intellect to choose other wise but often we do not.

  9. A.Oscar says:

    The most respectable killer machines; some of them very sophisticated, to kill more in a short period of time. But the most terrible ‘one still is Hydrogen bombs: those are top secret, and stay behind until would be necessary to kill by the millions. I mention before and more than once; about build real fast without many weight, for cosmic travel and to try colonized some planets to save mankind race. I believe or may I real know; of the existence of another human kind of creature, which much more developed, and trying to do something on Earth. Human’s need to be prepared with weapons like laser, or electroshock, and also having human’s with a strong knowledge of Telepathy to be able to communicate. I love of what I seen of such equipment for wars, but Country Leaders; must prepare to get peace on Earth, and be unites to entreated creatures from Out Space: A.Oscar.

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