4 Serving the Interests of Revolution

Serving the Interests of Revolution

Posted on May 14, 2012 by team

The object we are going to visit is one of the stations of the digital troposcatter communication system “BARS” built in the end of the 1980s. Once it connected the main command centers at the European theatre of military actions. A typical station had 1-4 antenna towrs of different heights. Each tower was connected to a similar construction some hundreds kilometers away with a connection line. Next to the towers was a two-layer bunker for communication equipment and a fortified shelter-garage for cars with antennas that had to replace the antennas of the tower after the collapse as a result of knock wave impact.
Most of the stations are fully destroyed, some of them turned into museums, others were never put into service…

Freon fire-fighting system

Diesel room


Cooling machines

via aja-scavesova

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4 Responses to “Serving the Interests of Revolution”

  1. javox says:

    i really dunno what they were thinkin when they built up all this stuff…at least once all iron ore were gone we know where we can get some metal heheh

  2. petrohof says:

    the scrap metal industry in russia must have been good after the colapse of cccp.

  3. iHME says:

    Man it would be awesome to work some microwave qso’s from a place like that. Especialy those in europe.

  4. Kirby L. Wallace says:

    Man, I would have been seriously claustrophobic working in a place that you had to crawl through port holes to get from room to room! Place looks like it was designed to withstand a direct nuclear hit! Wow.

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