3 Rare Old Photos of Aviation

Rare Old Photos of Aviation

Posted on May 14, 2012 by team

Some scans of old photos featuring aviation.


The 3rd expedition in Antarctica.


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  1. yojimbo says:

    I believe that the Mi-4s where the first helicopters to successfully fly in Antarctica they where called Mi-4Schch and where modified. I cant really find anything about the expeditions.

    The Mi-4 entered use in 1951 it was a second generation design back then they still used radial piston engines the Mi-4. The Mi-8 is basically a larger version of the Mi-4 using gas turbine engines and having much better performance.With radial engines designers where forced to place the engine in the nose of the aircraft and the cockpit above.

  2. econobiker says:

    Li-2 is license copy of US Boeing DC-3

  3. ChrisSmith says:

    Not Boeing. Douglas.

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