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Milky Business

Posted on May 14, 2012 by team

Milk Production 1

A stud farm "Irmen" is situated in a village Verkh-Irmen of the Novosibirsk Region. The main business line of the farm is production and processing of grain, milk and meat. In the commercial output structure milk takes 50%, meat - 16% and grain - 16%. "Irmen" occupies the third place in Russia and the 1st place in the Novosibirsk region in the top list of the most efficient enterprises producing milk.

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Milk Production 2

They have 2450 cows.

Milk Production 3

Each cow gives about 10 thousand litres of milk a year.
The stud farm also breeds new strains of cattle.


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4 Responses to “Milky Business”

  1. Richard S says:

    John Deere combine… Interesting!

  2. jeffrey pigden says:

    Actually its a 9030 tractor towing a 1910 Air Seeder.

  3. Maxim Ч. says:

    I like the cow-scratcher thing :-)

  4. Horn Boy says:

    Expensive milk!

    At a wholesale price of $3.20/Gallon, the shelf price must be very high.

    I bought a gallon of whole milk today for $2.31

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