5 Shelters of the International Airport

Shelters of the International Airport

Posted on May 13, 2012 by team

In fact condition of a shelter usually depends on its type and purpose. Thus, shelters for officials are almost always in an excellent condition, the same is about the shelters under state institutions, worse are those under acting science objects and even more worse – under large hospitals. Shelters under factories are usually in the same condition as the factories themselves. However district shelters either look terrible or adopted for other purposes. But what about the crowded places? Let’s look at the example of one international airport in Moscow.

Quite neat

The shelter has the second class of explosion safety and is intended for 450 persons.

Everything is in a working state.

Diesel room

Room for th head of civil defence and a medical post


The shelter is equipped with everything necessary


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5 Responses to “Shelters of the International Airport”

  1. Rafe says:

    How many meters is it below the ground?
    German gas masks are old cuz MLW don’t exist since the fall of DDR

  2. d says:

    Wow… 3000 people? For how long?

  3. todd says:


  4. Canadiandude says:

    The box of the German masks says 1988

  5. maruda says:

    where is it? i mean under which airport?

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