6 Storm of Sapun Mountain In 1944

Storm of Sapun Mountain In 1944

Posted on May 11, 2012 by team

Liberation of the Crimea from the Nazis started on the 8th of April, 1944 and already in April, 16 Soviet troops reached the main defence line of the enemy near Sevastopol. Closer to the city the Germans created powerful multi-layered defence where the key position was occupied by Sapun mountain.

On its steep slopes the Germans made 3-4 trench lines, built pillboxes, earth-and-timber emplacements, reinforced concrete shelters, made barbed wire entanglements, and turned the valley at the mountain foot into a mine field. Hitler’s command was to hold Sevastopol at any cost, they thought that for the Soviets it would be equally hard to take it back as it had been for the Germans two years earlier.

In May, 7th, 1944 the Soviet troops assumed the offensive on the area Sapun Mountain – Karan. The most severe battles took place near Sapun Mountain. Battles for each trench line lasted for hours.  By May, 9th, 1944 Sevastopol was fully liberated.


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  1. osip says:

    Wouldn’t it be fun if they let the German win sometimes?

  2. Metafosforico says:

    They can switch sides every reenactment but no more WWII alternate realities, Tarantino’s was enough, althought it was quite funny…

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