8 Animals At War

Animals At War

Posted on May 11, 2012 by team

During WWII Soviet army used various animals. Some pictures on the topic are for your attention.

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The Englishmen on Kola Peninsula near Murmansk

Rybachiy (Fishing) island


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  1. yojimbo says:

    I read a story of loyalty in a book about Soviet P-39 pilots translated into English.A pilot in one squadron took in this dog and dog became very loyal to the pilot the dog would actually get up early in the morning and sit in front of his masters plane as if he was making sure that the mechanics maintained his masters plane.Each time the master flew on a mission the dog would wait at the pilots parking spot until he returned.One day the pilot was killed in action and of course did not return but the dog refused to leave his place and waited for days and days for his master to return the other pilots tried to carry the dog away but refused to be moved and it refused to take any food as well after a few days the squadron got orders to move to another airfield and they tried to take the dog but again the dog refused to moved form his place so they had t leave the dog he was gong to wait for his dead master until he himself died.

  2. emre says:

    dogs used as live bombs …

  3. Anastasis says:

    A USA pilot after crashing near Japan,was
    wating resque.
    A dolphin was pushing his small boat to the
    nearest island.Just to save him.
    But the island occupied by Japans.
    Well,…the pilot Kills the dolphin and
    resque took him away.

  4. Fred Johnson says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the soviets tied bombs on to dogs, and trained them to run under tanks for cover.

    The only problem was, the dogs ran back to the SOVIETS for cover, blowing up their own tanks. That program was soon ended.

  5. somewords says:

    I think they eat the cat, after they read the message :)

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