11 Old Color Magic Of Peter Vedenisov

Old Color Magic Of Peter Vedenisov

Posted on May 9, 2012 by team

Peter Ivanovich Vedenisov (1866-1937) graduated from the Moscow conservatory in 1888 and came to Yalta where soon became one of the most interesting persons in the city. He was a professional pianist and often perfomed. Was interested in local history, meteorology and photography, could make color autochromes on the glass. They looked wonderful on the screen being projected there by a magic lantern.
150 color sheet glasses of Peter Vedenisov made between 1909 and 1914 have been preserved till today.

Members of the Kozakovs family on the photos, 1914


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11 Responses to “Old Color Magic Of Peter Vedenisov”

  1. skopeil says:

    Awesome photos…love their costumes.

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    Landed gentry. Their days were numbered.

    • DouglasU says:

      today we have the NEW gentry …the super wealthy business oligarchs.

    • too much vodka says:

      Yes, only a few years before they would be mercilessly butchered by revolutionists, and after that the independent farmers, and after them the social revolutionairies, and after them those who didn’t agree with the bolsheviks, and after them the independent farmers, and after them the bolsheviks themselves, and after them the Chechens, the Krimtatars, the Wolgagermans, the Estonians, the Lavtians, the Lithuainians, the Poles… I think a lot of people regretted not sticking to the old world.

  3. 山下智久 says:

    english russia do not have freedom of speech!!!pathetic!!!!(╯﹏╰)(╯﹏╰)(╯﹏╰)(╯﹏╰)(╯﹏╰)(╯﹏╰)(╯﹏╰)

  4. Fred Johnson says:

    Ah yes… the calm before the storm. I wonder what happened to them. I mean specifically, I know what generally happened to people like this, back then.

  5. Daniel says:

    Wonderful pictures of a world about to end!

  6. Kino Fan says:

    Perhaps what the gentry from Mikhalkov’s unfinished Piece for Player Piano looked in real life. Kind of inert low-energy existence like today’s capitalistic “consumers”.

  7. Sergio Wedenissow says:

    Cento anni più tardi Petr Ivanovic Vedenisov, nipote del mercante Alessandro Wedenissow che nel 1852 stabilì a Milano una Casa di commercio per affari in seta, con il linguaggio universale della fotografia, alla bellezza delle sue opere a colori aggiunge nuove emozioni, facendo ritrovare legami di appartenenza a una numerosa famiglia in parte rimasta in Italia.

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