3 Underground Inspection In Saint Petersburg

Underground Inspection In Saint Petersburg

Posted on May 8, 2012 by team

Let us walk along the St. Petersburg metro labyrinths just like inspectors do…

Starting from Gostinny Dvor station. Right behind it is a descent to the junction line.

Each junction line in St. Petersburg has its name.

Behind Sadovaya station

The arch is 9-10 m high

From the balcony

Heading on to Admiralteiskaya station

Various rooms on the way

Admiralteiskaya station that has recently been opened


Sportivnaya station is ahead

Side way with a hermetic door in the end

Those stairs lead to a closet with a beautiful number “555”.

Time to go back


Location: St. Petersburg

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3 responses to “Underground Inspection In Saint Petersburg”

  1. Justus says:

    Second an third picture. Why there is loose rails between normal track rails? Spare parts for future maintenance?

    • P says:

      They are not loose and not spare parts. If I’m correct they strengthen the tracks against the forces between train and track. Another reason is I heard is that it is to keep the train somewhat on the track when it derails. But perhaps an expert know it better 🙂

    • jeffrey pigden says:

      Probably spare rails. Guardrails are for keeping the equipment under control in the event of a derailment. They are placed close to the base of the running rails and are spiked down solidly to control the train. Rail is rarely used for load distribution. The rail/tie system actually floats on top of the track bed with the ballast limiting movement and providing weather protection. The lack of solid attachment shows that those rails would not resist ANY forces!

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