36 The First Chechen War In Photos of A. Nemenov

The First Chechen War In Photos of A. Nemenov

Posted on May 8, 2012 by team

Bringing of troops, December 1994

Storm of Grozny 1994-95


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36 Responses to “The First Chechen War In Photos of A. Nemenov”

  1. Harry Pachty says:

    you don’t put a spoiler over graphic pictures anymore?

  2. what the ... says:

    So, you can publish pictures of dead mutilated soldiers, but can NOT show tits/nipples?

    What a hypocrate and prude.

    • WWtS says:

      In USA you can join the army, go to war and kill people being as young as 16 y.o., but you must be 18 y.o to drink alcohol. So don’t give Russia lessons about hypocricy.

      (note: I’m not Russian).

      • Matlok says:

        Actually you need to be 21 to drink alcohol in the U.S.

      • SeanQ39 says:

        You can not join the US military until 18 years old. Not 16. You can’t drink alcohol til 21 not 18. So you’re wrong on both your claims. How typical!

    • Antek says:

      We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won’t allow them to write “fuck” on their airplanes because it’s obscene! What the… do YOU know where this quotation came from? And WHY was it there?

    • A-Star says:

      First photo: Shamil Basayev, Chechen militant Islamist and a leader of the Chechen rebel movement (left). Alexander Lebed, Russian lieutenant-general and politician (right).
      Second photo: Vladimir Shamanov, Lieutenant General in the Russian Army, the commander of the Russian Airborne Troops since May 2009 and a former Russian politician.

      • manta says:

        I thank you very much, A-Star !
        We didn’t learn about those “dirty conflicts/wars” in school. Just WW2 over and over again.

    • wef says:

      In the first picture, the man in the suit is Alexander Lebed.

  3. Anastasis says:

    Harry he keeps it for boobs and twisted hairs.

  4. Milos says:

    Without heavy causalities among the Chechens, Russia couldn´t have won this war, nobody could because of their (Chechen) perpetual US support of Al-Qaida indoctrination schools for canon fodder,arms, weapons and “instructors” from USA/israel. Unlike the American/israeli wars of occupation thousands of miles away from their shores, this is Russia proper.

    • jeffrey pigden says:

      Try again! The war was ENTIRELY Russian. Their exists reports that Russian soldiers fought for BOTH sides! that Russian weapons were used by everyone! that much of the war was about PROFIT for the generals! that Russian military stays in the area to protect that profit! money from weapons sales to Chechnia & income from soldiers acting as mercenaries for the Muslims!

      • yojimbo says:

        Very interesting they did not display why i tried to post in response to Milos post it was not in line with what you said but it was strongly in disagreement with him.

        Why did English Russia not display it?

  5. Mr. Fox says:

    I can see some well-known photos!

  6. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    On ER nipples are very offensive. Death and gore not so much. This site must be hosted in the US?

  7. 山下智久galaxy says:

    english russia do not have freedom of speech!!!pathetic!!!

  8. RedComrade says:

    It’s awful. I am so sorry for the fallen soldiers, their mothers and fathers. Why do we do?

  9. schtuka says:

    Manta, a person in civilian clothes is general Lebed. He used to be a commander of 14th Russian army in Moldovian conflict and later he negotiated the cease-fire between Chechens and Russian army. Although a lot of soldiers say that it was a mostly beneficial to rebels than to Russians as they were on the brink of defeat. Cease fire erased all what Russian army achieved by that time and made all sacrifices pointless.

  10. (r)evolutionist says:

    Final score: Death (nationalism, tribalism, religion) 1; Peace (socialism, internationalism) 0.

    • OldBikr says:

      Totally for real…
      I think you might want to look at the comment I left on the Texas thing, you might enjoy it.

      I know you are a thinking person, so I am pretty sure what I said will get you thinking.

      • (r)evolutionist says:

        OldBikr: There are novels (series) written about alternative histories of the U.S. about how the 20th century could have turned out had the Confederacy won the War Between the States; or, not won, but had a stalemate so the North would have had to sue for peace.
        Concerning communism in Mexico, I’ve read how the Mexican people would have had difficulty embracing it, due to their extreme individualism. Apparently, their Native American blood has won out over their Spanish/Euro communitarian influences. (Most) Mexicans tend to try to fix things without involving large groups of people; therefore, communistic ways of thought are just not in their DNA. Some countries/cultures are just not receptive to socialism. The reason the U.S. people did not accept communistic ideas during the Great Depression was that F.D.R. co-opted socialistic “ideas” and placed them alongside (not instead of) capitalism. Also, many U.S. people are individualistic, having the Pilgrim/frontiersman “leave us alone” attitude in their DNA. At least, this is what I get from my reading.

  11. skopeil says:

    i hate war..

  12. moo says:

    And then came the Second Chechen War…. and Grozny was completely leveled. Billion dollars later its all rebuilt and has nice high rise buildings.

  13. John says:

    Russians weren’t able to hold Afghanistan, but they were able to hold Chechnya.

    • JB says:

      Yeah, same as Americans

      • Connor T says:

        Let’s not get a USA v. Russia argument on here. Alexander the Great couldn’t hold nor could Genghis Khan, or the British empire. Afghanistan has kicked everyone’s ass at one point or another.

  14. toza says:

    Grozny is a whole new city now.

  15. NoName says:

    Chechnya Russian built. Alkaid wanted to pick her up. Very dirty war, officials betrayed the Russian soldiers. And stole money that should weapons…

  16. Sean says:

    The US v Russia argument in Afghanistan is mute, I will say the number of killed in Afghanistan on the US side is way smaller then numb or Russians killed in action. The main thing is all civilized cultures should work together to eliminate extremists, they are the true evil of the day.

  17. Vlad says:

    “The main thing is all civilized cultures should work together to eliminate extremists, they are the true evil of the day.”

    I agree. When does the world unite to eliminate American extremists?

    USA and Saudi and Qatar are behind almost all terrorism in the world today. US have triggered conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. The Saudis and Qataris fund extremists the world over, including Chechnya.

    Never forget that fact and let’s have less comments from Americans please.

    USA = terrorist funding scum of the earth.

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