15 Being Guests In The Berkovs Family

Being Guests In The Berkovs Family

Posted on May 8, 2012 by team

This book was found by someone on old upper shelves… And it deserves some attention, we guess. The family described is quite unusual.

He was born on 2nd of April, 1970 and was a weak cub. But the family gave so much care to him that at the age of 2 he already weighed 200 kg and was 3 m tall. He was named King but the kids used to call him Tosik. The adults also called him Simba.

Then he became a beautiful and tame lion’s whelp. Everyone in the family loved him and took care of him. Roma liked to set his hair while King liked Roma to do this.


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15 Responses to “Being Guests In The Berkovs Family”

  1. 山下智久 says:

    long live comrade stalin!!!
    western country and western running dog to demonized comrade stalin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Freedom of Speech

  2. javox says:

    what that hell is all this about? kool lion i guess =)

  3. Fred Johnson says:

    No such thing as a tame lion, or tiger…

    • JS124564 says:

      Did you skip all the pictures above?

      • Hirsh says:

        He’s right. Lions aren’t pets. Just because they can coexist with us doesn’t mean he won’t still rip your face off one morning just because he’s in a mood that day. It’s happened many times to fools who thought otherwise.

  4. (r)evolutionist says:

    “Then things took a turn for the worse when “King” applied for political asylum insisting “kings” just don’t fit into an egalitarian, socialist system such as the U.S.S.R. had. So “King” was loaded on a leaky freighter and sent to a capitalist circus in Italy where he proceeded to attack the bourgeois ringmaster. After that, he was shipped to the U.S. where Ronald Reagan adopted him feeding him long-haired hippie liberals. “King” ended up becoming a Wall Street financier.: “The End.”

  5. skopeil says:

    this is awesome…! what happened to King now? any news?

  6. BOSS says:

    The famous jewish BERBEROV FAMILY – their lion KING got shot by the police when they were touring some circus, where lion wanted to “play” with some guy who was walking down the street. The guy got scared and started to scream and the cop who came to his rescue emptied his whole Makarov magazine into KING, where one bullet pirced his heart.
    Later BERBEROV father adopted another little lion cub who grew up and turned into a huge lion. After the death of the father, things quickly turned bad – one day mom comes home to find her 14 year old son killed by the lion and lion dead, shot by the police.

  7. somewords says:

    thank’s for the wiki link! the first “king” was so nice,,, with much love in the eyes!

  8. petrohof says:

    moral of the story is: a lion is a lion is a lion, always.

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