4 The Old Cradle of Knowledge

The Old Cradle of Knowledge

Posted on May 6, 2012 by team

Some unique photographs of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute of Emperor Peter the Great dated 1912.

Commodity research museum

Naval museum

The first lab of physics

The second lab of physics

Chemical pavillion

Chemical pavillion view from the tower

Chemistry lecture room

Chemistry laboratory

Electric station


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4 Responses to “The Old Cradle of Knowledge”

  1. Scott says:

    Knowledge, science, bread and steel – these things alone can make a nation great, just don’t let the money-lenders* into the trick, oops! too late.

    Here in the West they* invented two moronic oxymorons; Spend & Save and Austerity & Growth – what are we to make of that then!

    Please give the younger generations room and wisdom to develop news ways of doing commercial things or we are screwed! Yes, it will mean older generations (and I am older too), will need to take a hit, but better things result in new growth from young shoots rather than hanging onto the capitalist system as it withers and dies.

    Sorry if you find this posting miss-placed here – but the four themes covered in these recent stories and a sense of history just inspired me to

    History isn’t just about looking backwards all the time – you can build the future upon what history can teach us – so it goes both ways.

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    Russia’s had a long history of intellectualism (and it shows). Russians have been progressive in the theoretical. The U.S. has been progressive in the practical. Russia: community-based; The U.S.: individualistic; the environment and history have shaped the differences.

  3. Scott says:

    How very true. And what great potential in either case to succeed, initially at least.

    The need is to find a new mean way between the two ideologies perhaps ? Principally though, is it not human nature that let things down ? By which I mean a few bad apples, greed and the lure of a position of power that gets in the way of overall human progress.

    But how to guard against such things in the future – greater transparency perhaps ? Especially in political and financial dealings.

    I’m not suggesting that a utopia can succeed either, because it can’t, but better vigilance and individuals taking more responsibility could. By which I mean, in the West, prior to 2008 we’ve had ten or more years of party-time!, when money was cheap and we just wanted more and more of it, then look where that got us! Instead of gritting our teeth and living only within our means. If you consider how many peeps on the earth really struggle to survive our lot would still have looked comfortable against it even then.

    In the West the party is well and truly over, time to clear up the mess and send folk home in taxis to nurse their bad, financial, hang overs. And all for what!

    Now the ‘little’ people pay for it all some more.

  4. too much vodka says:

    I have relatives living near that institute, now finally I’ve got a glimpse of how this instituted looks (or rahter looked) from the inside.

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