8 The Gipsy Capital of the World?

The Gipsy Capital of the World?

Posted on May 5, 2012 by team

In Moldavia there is an interesting city called Soroki. The city is right on the boarder with Ukraine. Today we’ll speak about a Gipsy phenomenon connected with this place. The Gipsy block located here on the high bank impresses most tourists who come here only to look at the settled Gipsy mode of life. Many people believe that Gipsies are often ill-dressed, bothering people in the streets, living in Gipsy bands or at stations. But they do have houses! And what houses they have! In the ordinary provincial Moldavian city they simply delight!

The Ukrainian side

The most civilized Gipsies in the world live in Soroki. That’s how they tell about themselves. By the way, the local Gipsy Baron (Baron of all Moldavia) Arthur Cherar pretends to a title of a Gipsy King (chosen by ethnic minorities from different countries).

The main part of Soroki population are Moldavians living in the low part of the city at the bank of the Dniester, and higher, on the hill is a Gipsy city called “Jingling mountain”: in autumn and spring here wedding tambourines often jingle…

Here works the rule “the lower – the more expensive”. It is told about the land on which newer and newer Gipsy mansions are being built. They say that cost of a plot of land may reach incredible amounts – 50 thousand dollars for 1 m2!!!

The mansions they build have 3 or 4 storeys and are made in special Asian style with huge balconies, fanciful turrets, pyramidal superstructures…

Not very impressive? But can you imagine that some of the mansions already stood here in the 1980s? While party authorities were satisfied with 1 storey governmental summer cottages and rich bankers and businessmen were read about in magazine sections “Abroad”, here already stood a wonder city! At the Soviet time tourists had more interest in it than today.

Building process never ends in the houses of the Soroki Gipsies. But tax authorities know the reason well – according to the law no taxes are due from an incomplete house or they are pretty much lower.

Their weak spot is a never-ending desire to surpass a neighbour! That is why the construction competition never ends. Two bricks higher than he has!

One of them, for example, has a posh fountain with antique statues in which frogs and crocodiles live!

It takes about three hours to see everything interesting here. And each time you’ll see something new. Here they have a mini-copy of the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre and a house looking like a 50 dollars note!

Walking here is absolutely safe, these Gipsies are rich and won’t be begging. They are rather hospitable and like their houses and families to be photographed. They can even let you enter a house looking for better angles…

However it’s ordinary people who live in such mansions.


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8 Responses to “The Gipsy Capital of the World?”

  1. moo says:

    Mini castles = cool, having a crappy sidewalk = not cool, not having enough money to water your yard becasue you spent it all build your house = priceless.

  2. A.Oscar says:

    The Gypsies’ turn my head around from this point: that English Russia shows me the capital of them in Moldavia city of Sorokin. I knew their have had a King of Europe: but do not know was here. Their build many beautiful houses: and look like the same people of Gypsies, that a few thousands of years left India. Now some country like England: should help them to build the own country, to be like the Jews done by England. Both of them people have been around for thousands of years: Israel got the help in 1947 just about when the Second World War finish. The Jews mixed among themselves with thousands of Europeans: which give the chance for the Jews to increase the population. The gypsies came differently: real mo mix whatsoever with Europeans, only gypsies or maybe would Indians, which give a chance to be differently with Europeans. Now the Jews got a little smarter: the race real look like Europeans now, but they should be like Arabs, because the place of Israel which exist for thousands of years, have been in Palestine, which all should have the same type of skin .The Jews also have had lives like gypsies, but not great to in sales, but with masonry to help the Greeks building temples in Egypt and else were in Europe. What is life: I learn some and then tech some. 06/05/2012 By A.Oscar

  3. ABB says:

    Tacky! Now there’s Russian taste, and gypsy taste. Or should we say, tasteless. Those tacky houses made from all the money these dam gypsies steal from good countries. Again, never shake a gypsie’s hand. Your watch and jewelry will magically disappear.

  4. geoff says:

    The subtle racism of the owners of ER and the overt racism of some of the commentators makes me very sad for humanity.

    None of us are any better than any one else.

    • skopeil says:

      agree with you…

    • Dan says:

      I dunno… stereotypes are built for a reason. They are true most of the time! If you think even culturally someone raised as a child by a gypsie would have a lot of gypsie like tendences.

      Just as in the US if a white couple adopts a baby from Africa the black baby will emulate thier white parents. Just as if a US couple adopted a gypsie baby the kid would grow up not acting “like a gypsie” at all!

      I try to take each individual as a they come… but keep in the back of my mind their heritage and experience.

  5. Mare says:

    Watch documentary The Shutka Book of Records, about one gipsy town in Macedonia, crazy shit.

  6. Dan says:

    By the way, there’s no Soroki. The town is called Soroca. It’s a Romanian name.

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