4 Specifics of National Brewing

Specifics of National Brewing

Posted on May 3, 2012 by team

This is the Moscow Brewing Company that produces so popular in Russia beer “Zhigulevskoye”.

Products of the company

The company is located Mytischi, the Moscow Region. And its plant is not so big.

The company appeared in 2008 and in the first year of its work it’s output amounted to 2,4 million hectolitres. Today the facilities of the company allow to produce 2,4 million hectolitres a year. It’s not only beer they produce but also kvass, soda and juice.

Pure water for the production is taken from the Mytischino water supply system, one of the oldest in Russia. The water is carefully purified first and then distilled. The distilled water is not tasty so it goes through special systems where various minerals and other useful things are substances to it.

They have some tanks with several kinds of malt (standard, light and dark) and hops. Thus they accentuate the German beer fact that beer should consist only of three components: water, hop and malt. The malt they use is produced only in Russia, but hop is bought in the Czech Republic and Germany.

It is very noisy in the shop. No many workers can be seen here, the process is automated. Only 4 men control it.

Malt is grained and combined with water in huge tuns hidden in the depths of the plant. The resulting liquid goes through the special system of pipes and filters and then they separate the wort from which they will boil beer then. Then hops are added to the wort in order beer could turn into alcoholic drink and obtain its inimitable slightly bitter taste.The hopped wort is boiled in special cylinders.

Water tanks

Then through the system of pipes and pumps the boiled mass goes to the fermentation room. It is very cold there.

The lab. Here they define if beer is suitable for drinking.

The process of yeast assimilation is the longest. It takes from 1 week to 1 month. Beer strength, taste, color and other characteristics depend on it.

Unfiltered beer

Filling and packing conveyor

But before coming here the beer must be tasted. It’s not a simple work, you know, you have to drink beer at 10 am. And all day long. Not only beer, though, but also juice and other products of the plant. Here, with help of expensive equipment (that costs half of a Moscow flat) beer is checked for various admixtures, its components are examined. Only then the fresh drink will fill bottles and cans. Plastic bottles are also produced by this company. Aluminium cans are brought ready and painted.


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  1. Cad says:

    Not “Zhigulevskoye”, but “Zhiguly”. U R to know the difference.

  2. Jonny says:

    They also have german beer, Oettinger and also this Faxe-shit, you get it at every Autobahn-fuel station :)

  3. jeffrey pigden says:

    I’m always amazed at the amount of beer wasted!

  4. Muzzlehatch says:

    Light beer? It should be put back in the horse!

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