22 The Plant of the Russian Orthodox Church

The Plant of the Russian Orthodox Church

Posted on May 1, 2012 by team

An artistic-production plant “Sofrino” is one of the largest production sites of the Russian Orthodox Church. Here they make everything: candles, icons, books, innumerable quantity of church utensils. The entreprise is a secure facility so it’s not easy to witness their work.

“An artistic-production enterprise”Sofrino”of the Russian Orthodox Church”

Each employee of “Sofrino” may come to the temple on the plant territory for service.


22 Responses to “The Plant of the Russian Orthodox Church”

  1. skopeil says:

    i like the vestments..did they made that kind of material for non priests to wear?

  2. earlman says:

    I would like to take a tour, very spiritual place.

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    Capitalism and religion are both utilized by the State to keep a population docile, compliant, distracted, and ignorant.

  4. YJ says:

    They got them gold.

  5. Daniel says:

    Certainly some of the most beautiful pictures that have been posted on this site. The Russian Orthodox Church is part of the cultural and artistic tradition of Russia. I, myself, am not a believer, but religious belief is a great comfort to many and it has sustained Russia through some very difficult times.

    • Hirsh says:

      Certainly? In your opinion. Personally i find such ostentatious displays of wealth by religious charlatans to be obscene, disgusting, and at odds with the stated beliefs and values of said religions. Whatever faith they are.

      WTH do they need all that decorative gold and jewels for? I mean REALLY? Talk about abuse of power and misappropriation of funds… the Curch has it!

      • Kibu says:

        For what it’s worth, 99% of that gilding is made out of gold leaf. Gold leaf is thinner than the human hair, and used to make something look golden, without actually having to be golden. You can buy about 100 sheets of gold leaf for just around ten dollars. That’s enough to easily gold leaf an entire standard house door, while at the same time having enough left over to play around with. It’s the same stuff found in some alcohols, and even used in food. So there’s no real “gold” there. Also, many of, if not most of, the jewels are semi precious stones. Things like red Garnet or green malachite. Truth be known, while when polished they look quite beautiful, they’re VERY cheap stones. For example a 13 karet Malachite stone sells for 18 dollars US. A Garnet, of the same size, 50 to 80 dollars US.

  6. Osip says:

    Opulence, these guys has it.

  7. Jewels Vern says:

    So beautiful!

  8. sst says:

    What’s with Russia and garish red and gold decor?

  9. Ted says:

    I’d be fine with all of this if I didn’t know that everything was paid for by little old poor babushkas who have been forgotten by society and have nothing but God left. Instead of doing what the real, old Russian Orthodox Church did and what it is supposed to do, what set it aside from Catholicism and the rest, they take the money from these poor people and spend it on expensive Swiss watches that the patriarch wears publicly and when someone calls him out on it the Church hires someone to photoshop the photo of him wearing it. Too bad the guy they hired did a bad job and forgot to photoshop the reflection of the watch on the table. The Church keeps denying it and saying people against them are the ones photoshopping the photos. Too bad that they picture they released as official after they photoshopped it still had the reflection and any denying would be silly and hypocritical.

  10. Fred Johnson says:

    I always wondered why “God” needs so much gold for. People have told me the streets in Heaven are paved with gold and lined with jewels…. I just look at them and ask, why. Why does God need so much gold and stuff for.
    I never get a good answer.

    (to entice the people, that’s the answer, but they never say that)

    • yojimbo says:

      That is why I am not a fan of organized religion it is nothing more than a way to make money I mean if the damn Chandler is 20,000 a pop you know now why they ask for tidings.

      They use gold a flashy stuff to appear to be in the favor of god is the way I see it.Just think they could spend that 20,000 feeding needy people or to build a wing of a hospital or even pool that kind of money together with several other Orthodox churches and have an entire charity hospital.I some how suspect that they do not do this and if they do it a very small cut of the donations.

      In the US we have the “Mega” church pastors they make a lot of money as well.

      “I can give you salvation just send me your MONEY!”

      • zzzzz says:

        indeed the most importante thing for a religion is its doctrine,not its art. nonetheless art is important because it inspires people. people complain about how teligions spend Money in “useless” contraptions like architecture and monuments,but these same people ignore that its things that generate more culture,education,tourism and commerce. Or else people would not go to egypt to see the pyramids.

        As long as religious authorities do not spend Money on themselves,things will be ok. spending (some) Money in culture is fine. Do not forget that orthodoxy in a phase of post state atheist reconstruction.

        as for the patriarch,dont know if thats true but if it is the correct thing would be for him to just apologize for its mistake (instead of shoving it below the carpet).

  11. Mitch says:

    Makes me sick to see such riches (ugly riches) when the population has so little.

  12. Hirsh says:

    Disgusting amounts of undeserved opulence, paid for on the backs of little old ladies on pensions, the Russian Orthodoxy has it!

  13. Hirsh says:

    GOD help anyone foolish enough to continue placing donations in a gilded donation cup that cost over $3,000. Wake up man! You’re being bamboozled by crooks.

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