18 Only Stars Are Higher

Only Stars Are Higher

Posted on May 1, 2012 by team

A Russian photographer Vadim Makhorov climbs incredible heights for an ideal shot. The results of such risky and exciting rising are always incredible. Do not set Vadim equal to reckless youth who just try to get somewhere where they are forbidden to be. Vadim is a fan of photography in the finest sense. Some of his photos make you feel giddy.


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18 Responses to “Only Stars Are Higher”

  1. Mercal says:

    If you slip it is all over with.

  2. yojimbo says:

    Some people naturally do not suffer any vertigo effects to be able to do any form of climbing you would first have to be born without very low or no vertigo tendencies I am not merely referring to a complete fear of heights which is acrophobia.Vertigo is actually a natural defense mechanism of the brain there for obvious reasons but mere vertigo can be adapted to most people have been inside a very tall building for a few minutes you fell a little vertigo and then it passes a roofer would have little to no vertigo as might a line man(power line telephone lines).

    These people ave no vertigo or they got used to it by first trying out lower heights.

    Still to be so high free of any form of restraint is a bit risky if a strong wind where to suddenly come along or if you made one false move it might be over.I am sure they do it partly as a fairly cheap way to get a thrill.

    My main concern would be for those that have no experience trying to do what they see they are the ones more at risk.

  3. skopeil says:

    love the church’s dome…so unique….

  4. terminator says:

    i think theyre awesome pictures. damn right the get a thrill out of it, and good luck to them!
    enjoy the photos while these nutters are still alive!

  5. Dr. Dot says:

    I’m one of those that enjoy a moderate case of vertigo. But this goes beyond vertigo. This is insanity. Good work, but is it work trying to learn the finer points of aviation without plane or parachute?

  6. Ty-ty says:

    damn good and counting…

  7. Moola the Slave Girl says:

    She would be as a floating chrysanthemum petal during her fall, but in the end she will be lower than a mud turtle, so says Moola.

  8. Stalin Zombie says:

    You Russian people are crazy!

  9. Jesus H says:

    It’s all fun and games, until you die.

  10. wontee says:

    I had a bit of a hangover when I viewed these pictures. Had to give up half way through. Vertigo !

  11. Bubu says:

    what lens did he use those pics are awesome!

  12. geoff says:

    Mountain climbing without the mountain. I read a book by an English mountain climber and he said if there was no risk of dying then he probably would not climb!

  13. A.Oscar says:

    Crazy or not: fear could be conquering like everything else, lots of training and lots of enthusiasm to do so. That is why we all different: and some could do what the others don’t, life are full of mysteries, but the environment were the person follow with others, have some to do with learning to be what you want. I’m not young any more: but never want to be cowed and that was my fear. Courage to be brave is the most important issue. A.Oscar

  14. They all have a death wish!

  15. lbytesxk says:

    I envy these guys and girl, I have an acute fear of height.
    Brave people

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