5 The Boat Will Sail The Way It Is Called

The Boat Will Sail The Way It Is Called

The word "oba" is translated from the Kazakh as "burial" or "plague". So it's not clear what idea was in minds of the developers who gave the name to this micro-district "BesOba"... Though people
continue discussions about the house that fell in Karaganda. Its dwellers do not know what to wait while their neighbours leave their flats in fear or start restoring what they have...
58 Hey, Is She Real?

Hey, Is She Real?

The girl's photos were found in the social network Vkontakte.
Looking at her it's even hard to believe she can breathe....
0 In the Region of Deer

In the Region of Deer

Yamal is often called the region of deer, though in translation it means "The end of the world". It is
inhabited by representatives of the ancient people who've been keeping traditions from time immemorial.
5 Ancient Flax-Spinning Mill

Ancient Flax-Spinning Mill

We are at the flax-spinning mill in Vyazniki, the Vladimir region. It's really ancient, dated something back 17**s years... For the last two centirues Vyazniki has been a Russian flax capital, it had a plenty of such mills all around.
Capitalists were given land in such unfavourable places like swamps and ravines. This one stands in the ravine. Height differential on the territory is 4 storeys. You enter the first floor on one side and exit from the fifth...
2 Skating on the 400 km Ice! Part II

Skating on the 400 km Ice! Part II

The second and the final set of photos from the awesome
skating jouney along Baikal. The first post is here.
1 High And Low Volgograd

High And Low Volgograd

Inside of this post you'll see trams in the subway
tunnels, Volgograd roofs and dancing bridges.
13 Nice To Live in a Soviet Country!

Nice To Live in a Soviet Country!

Photos of a talented American photographer Howard Sochurek taken in the Leningrad Palace of the Pioneers and
Schoolchildren. Howard Sochurek was a member of the Nixon delegation in Russia in summer 1959.
14 Half-Dead City Arkalyk

Half-Dead City Arkalyk

Arkalyk is a city in central Kazakhstan, the centre of the Arkalyk district in the Kostanay region. It was founded in 1956, got
the status of the city in 1965. It's located 670 km from Astana, 480 km from Kostanay. Today it is nearly dead...
3 Heritage of Prokudin-Gorsky: Close Up Plans

Heritage of Prokudin-Gorsky: Close Up Plans

You've seen already some sets of photos by a famous Russian photographer Prokudin-Gorsky: 1, 2, 3. These are some close up views reavealing new details
definitely deserve your attention. On the photo fragment above: "On the river Sim at the station Ashi-Balashovskaya", 1910. Looks like a painting!
15 Free Riders Journey From Moscow to St. Petersburg

Free Riders Journey From Moscow to St. Petersburg

Young people go from Moscow to St. Petersburg and back by electric trains. They have to change 4 times. All the way takes about 16 hours. They do not buy tickets. They either manage to escape controllers, or move from one car to another, or
controllers do not approach such a big marginal crowd being afraid (like in case with football fans). That's the meaning of such a journey - economy and adventures, you'll never mess up this country with any other else.

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