31 Russian Military Photo Selection

Russian Military Photo Selection

One guy has selected a nice collection of Russian military
photos he likes most. Why not share them with you?
17 Unique Photos of the Chernobyl Catastrophe

Unique Photos of the Chernobyl Catastrophe

These photos of the Chernobyl catastrophe have never been published before. They are
unique. The author of the photos can be called a hero, what do you think?
5 One Day of a Cardiosurgery Clinic

One Day of a Cardiosurgery Clinic

A photo story about patients, employees, favorite
job. About the surgery that helps people.
11 If You Have No House

If You Have No House

Last year in the Pskov region they held a conference where they discussed the matters of accomodation for orphan children. They set a task to provide them with suitable accomodation using the funds from the regional budget. The regional
officials were also advised to look in the eyes the children who leave children's homes and have no place to live in. Half a year has passed. Let us see now what accomodation is offered to orphan children by the government.
11 Retro Ivanovo

Retro Ivanovo

A set of retro photos of Ivanovo. How did its
people look? What did they do? Look yourself.
2 Kadom, Another Victim of Flooding

Kadom, Another Victim of Flooding

Water level in the river Moksha that has broken its banks is higher 8-9 m than normal. The dams made by the locals from sand are being actively washed away and the densely-populated village is being flooded on. The streets have turned into Russian Venice and it
even looks beautiful but the people have lost almost everything they had. The road connecting Kadom with the big world has disappeared for a distance 1 km long. These people do not believe anymore that someone will help them but themselves...
1 The Ghost Station Volokolamskaya

The Ghost Station Volokolamskaya

This abandoned station is often called "a ghost station". During construction of the section Oktyabrsk field - Planernaya, under the airfield of Tushino they built a standard three-span station. But when the section started its work in 1975, Volokalamskaya was not listed with other stations. Her opening was delayed till better times, when the
airfield will be built up with new houses. But due to some problems (abundance of ground waters and swampiness) they were never built. Recently they made a decision to build "Spartak" stadium on the place. The station is close to the future stadium and it will help to "unload" passenger traffic during matches.
8 Have a Finka Ride!

Have a Finka Ride!

Tumbotino village, the Nizhegorodsk region, is famous for its favorite
winter means of transportation - "Finka" or "Finnish sledge".
9 The Way Siberians Have Fun

The Way Siberians Have Fun

In a fun park of Krasnoyarsk people closed the downhill skiing season by the competition "Zimny GornolUzhnik" (something like
"winter downhill pool skier"). Well, it was snow, a 20 cm pool, water temperature +4C, here is how Siberians like to have fun! 
3 Gagarin Must Be Clean!

Gagarin Must Be Clean!

The monument seems to be smiling, maybe the reason is the views of the
capital he sees from his height or just from a pleasant procedure...

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