6 Photoshop Of the Soviet Time

Photoshop Of the Soviet Time

Posted on April 30, 2012 by team

These people even can’t hide a watch on the picture…

But in Soviet time they did well without Photoshop.

For a proof you can go to the GULAG exhibition in the Moscow Museum devoted to photography falsification in the epoch of Stalin. It’s called “The Commissar Vanishes”, though not only commissars used to disappear and not on photos only. ..

Photo falsification in the Soviet propaganda had not only a long history but an excellent technologic school as well. Sometimes it was just an expert retouch – leaders’ faces had to look exemplary. This is one of Stalin’s photos before and after processing.

Retouchers could easily change the clothes on photos. Probably Lavrenti Beria liked his face on this photo but for a publication he preferred to be in civilian clothes.


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6 Responses to “Photoshop Of the Soviet Time”

  1. Malcolm says:

    The english title of the book you are talking about is “The Commissar Vanishes”.

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    Well, I hope young people in Russia will be educated about this exhibit and taught how all governments manipulate the truth (in the past, in the present, and undoubtedly also will in the future).

  3. Daniel says:

    All governments manipulate the truth!

  4. Fred Johnson says:

    This is what happens when your political system is based on lies. You need more lies to cover up the original lies. And then more lies to cover those up.

    In this case, it’s photo’s, and the lies to cover up actions and people in those photo’s (or make up new lies).

  5. JH says:

    Obviously the “official” picture of the 5th of the May meeting is heavily edited but the original cannot be that 1st one where Trotsky et al are on the stairs, the whole perspective of the picture is different in the 2 samples

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