8 New Trains For Moscow And Eastern Europe

New Trains For Moscow And Eastern Europe

Posted on April 30, 2012 by team

Let’s look at the new subway cars 81-760 that have just begun to be used in the Moscow subway, diesel trains DP-S produced for Serbian railway and “Rusich” vehicles that were unexpectedly found in the subway of Sofiа!

“Metrovagonmash” plant is situated in Mytischi, the Moscow region. It produces trains for subways and railways of Russia and neighbouring countries.

Assembly shop. Bodies of cars 81-760 stand on the right.

Electric train 81-760, main characteristics:
Capacity: 300/320 passangers;
Power: 4 induction motors – 170 kW for each car.
Track width: 1520 mm;
Max. speed: 90 km/h
Car weight: 36/35t.;
Dimensions: length 20120/19140 mm, width 2686 mm, height 3680 mm;

The car body is made of stainless steel, there are A/C and air cleaning systems in the cars.

Swing type doors equipped with a hand opening button in off-peak time: such system has been used in many subways and ground transport of Europe for a long time.

Main cars have emergency exits with landing ramps.

81-760 being assembled.


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8 Responses to “New Trains For Moscow And Eastern Europe”

  1. Jeremy Brown says:

    I rode the new trains in Sofia, the whole station in nice, but they only go east and west for now and if I am not mistaken they are going to expand.

  2. DouglasU says:

    gee, it would be nice if Americans could make these cars. Sadly the US is totally F’d as an industrial nation. They need a different President…and quick.

    • Serbcat says:

      Wabtec/Motive Power, Caterpillar/Progress Rail, Bombardier, they still make locomotives and all.

      This isn’t the golden age of american railways, but they are out there.

    • jeffrey pigden says:

      Need a President with BALLS, doesn’t matter which party.
      Every Republican leader has let the business leaders gut the American industrial world to increase profits! They live and die by the ‘let the market decide’ mantra. Unfortunately, the market is led by greed not intelligence!
      The Democrats don’t encourage expansion of the industrial base. They keep trying to expand the pool of consumers & their spending in hopes the suppliers will expand. Too bad the industrial leaders are more interested in the size of their fortunes not whether the country will exist tomorrow!

  3. Serbcat says:

    Goddamn Russians and their shoddy equipment already breaks down.
    After only a month of use the transmission broke down and the whole batch had to be returned to Russia to get fixed. They do not manufacture the transmissions, only buy from Siemens and obviously hadn’t tested the system enough.

  4. Merican says:

    Er Philadelphia just made an entire set of cars for it’s own train network. Stupid Foxnews viewers…so brainwashed.

  5. Trung says:

    Hi i hop you can help me
    my girlfriend got Rob on the train
    she word in Kiev going to Moscow
    I like to know if you got a CCTV on the train
    so i can gift to the Moscow police.
    Please HELP ME ASAP
    she woos on the train on the 18/7/2013
    I’m in Australia and my girlfriend live in Russia
    please HELP us

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