6 It Has Been Raining In Vladivostok

It Has Been Raining In Vladivostok

Posted on April 29, 2012 by team

Russian roads and Russian weather. This time we’ll pay attention to the absence of stormwater drainages in Vladivostok…


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6 Responses to “It Has Been Raining In Vladivostok”

  1. skopeil says:

    why floods in Russia full of muddy water?
    anyway,it does not look so bad after all..

  2. robin yates says:

    the pavement pics show an unfinished project, waiting for more stone and a topping of tarmac

  3. Osip says:

    Infrastructures in Russia is so bad, it can never be fixed.

  4. Ty-ty says:

    totally weared out infrastructure n no proper canalization

  5. Guest says:

    Strange, majority of cars is RHD (right hand driver). Did I missed something in traffic organisation or are the RHDs allowed in Russia?

    Regarding missing basic infrastructure in the cities: bad for inhabitants, but c’mon, another Topol-M can be build for money saved on citizens.

    • Juss says:

      Vladivostok as a port city is only a few hundred miles by sea from Japan and is mostly connected to the rest of Russia by train (the roads are only useable in the winter when they’re frozen) so right hand drive cars from Japan are cheaper and easier to get than any of the crap Russians themselves could transport there by train

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