4 The Grand Far Eastern Bridge

The Grand Far Eastern Bridge

Posted on April 28, 2012 by team

Recently they’ve finished the construction of the bridge to Russkiy Island and we’ve covered the most interesting facts about it. Let’s see some more pictures of the wonderful object in the Russian Far East.

In September 2012 the bridge will meet delegates of APEC 2012 summit.

Total length of the bridge is 1885,53 m

Bridge approaches represent overpasses with overall length 900m.

Width of the carriage way – 24 m for 4 traffic lines.

To erect pillar M6 on Nazimov peninsula there was made a little artificial peninsula where they drilled holes for the piers.

The maximal depth of reinforced concrete piles bedding on Nazimov peninsula – 77 m. Each pier has 120 piles inside 2 m in diameter.


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  1. Lev Tolstoi says:

    Superb work. Both the construction and the images are just stunning. Very well done.

  2. LovesFLSun says:

    Impressive Comrades!

  3. jethro says:

    This is a thing of beauty.

  4. jeffrey pigden says:

    Art & Science in one!

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