31 Russian Military Photo Selection

Russian Military Photo Selection

Posted on April 26, 2012 by team

One guy has selected a nice collection of Russian military photos he likes most. Why not share them with you?


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31 Responses to “Russian Military Photo Selection”

  1. Mercal says:

    Is that a new tank?

    It has a unique turret design and auto-machine gun.

  2. Mercal says:

    Russia has the best military in the world, since they are the worlds supplier.

    • yojimbo says:

      I can not honestly name a nation that has a “best” military the best military would be the most well trained and disciplined one it would be the one that fights a war with maximum effort with no hands tied it would be the one that has forward thinking leadership and development it would be the one that learns from its and others mistakes.

      No nation meets that criteria.

    • typedef says:

      Yes, I hear Russia’s military budget equals the other top 10 military budgets combined. Also, Russian armed forces are entirely professional (no clueless recruits to deal with every year) and well-known for their discipline.

    • ayaa says:

      Wow. Mercal. Unless its someone else who nicked his name, what a turnaround.

  3. ayaa says:

    Damn, that T-90M looks sexy. From an angle, of course.

  4. rocky says:

    what game is that last pic of the mi-24 from? or is it not from a game

  5. bobb says:

    too many aircraft ! By the way, what the story behind the armored URAL-4320, armor test or attack in dagestan ?

  6. Chico says:

    Nice toys, but where are the cool jets (like the über-cool su-34 :)

  7. Rich says:

    Great pictures…I’ve always been a fan of the Mig-31 !

  8. Rich says:

    I love the Mig-31 !

    • lbytesxk says:

      yeah it looks like a flying brick. I understand that it has the same dog fighting capabilities as a brick with wings

      • ayaa says:

        You understand very little then.

        The Mig-31 is a interceptor, meant to take-off, fly very quickly to a location, and use its powerful R-33 and R-37 missiles to shoot down any intruders, then fly back and get ready to do the same thing again as quickly as possible.

        In its role, it doesn’t need to dogfight, so no need for the designers to compromise speed for maneuverability..

      • ayaa says:

        If you want dog-fighters, look at the Sukhoi ‘Flanker’ and Mikoyan ‘Fulcrum’ families.

  9. bobb says:

    Well i found it, it was in august war 2008, ambushed by georgian infantry, no casualties, passengers taken prisonners then released. The truck remained in georgia.

  10. Daniel says:

    SU-25 Frogfoot, my favorite!

  11. Jimmy says:

    the last shot appears to be a screen shot from a video game… well done.

  12. ayaa says:

    Oh come now typedef.

    If they weren’t the best in the world, how come there is a media frenzy in the US about two dozen VDV troops (who incidentally are on a co-operation exercise) being there to spy on US tactics, with one site I visited claiming that they were going to capture Denver airport under cover of the exercises, and call in their buddies for a Red Dawn type invasion. Lol. So much for the Reset.

    • ayaa says:

      And for the record, that was my pathetic attempt at humor. (According to testiculese and hirsh, Russians don’t understand humor, so understandable)

      • Testicules says:

        Russians don’t understand sarcasm. They understand humor. The Three Stooges are universal.

        • ayaa says:

          Hmm. And here I was thinking that sarcasm was the highest form of humor. Oh well, the world leading authority on everything Russian has spoken on the matter, so no use for me in fighting a lost battle.

        • Oleg says:

          Russians do understand sarcasm as well as humor. There are some cultural and language differences preventing the understanding of each other’s sense of humor. But they disappear as we communicate to each other.

      • Hirsh says:

        It isn’t that Russians don’t understand humor. It’s that they are easily butt hurt about anything they perceive to be a slight on Russia or Russians, which is just about any joke or bit of sarcasm a non-Russian might make. ;)

        • vorontsevich (f/k/a ayaa) says:

          You are one to talk about “getting easily butt hurt”.

          If a post has even the slightest hint of something positive about Soviet/(Russian) life, you’ll be up in arms, claiming that its propaganda, and spreading complete bull-shyte how life back then was all misery and how everyone lived in constant fear and sorrow.

  13. Iggy says:

    An-22, what a beauty!

  14. bored says:

    Very impressive except for that last pic. No helicopter, even the Hind, in a warzone like that is going to be able to attack at that altitude or angle, it would be blown out of the sky by either ground of air.

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