9 The Way Siberians Have Fun

The Way Siberians Have Fun

Posted on April 25, 2012 by team

In a fun park of Krasnoyarsk people closed the downhill skiing season by the competition “Zimny GornolUzhnik” (something like “winter downhill pool skier”). Well, it was snow, a 20 cm pool, water temperature +4C, here is how Siberians like to have fun! 


9 Responses to “The Way Siberians Have Fun”

  1. sauron says:

    Darth Maul FTW

  2. moo says:

    At least someone is having fun out there.

    • Alkofunker says:

      It may come as a surprise to you, but, in general, the people in Russia lead quite fulfilling lives and have fun every day :)

      Of course, if you get your news about Russia from englishrussia.com and the western propaganda filled mainstream media, then your distorted view is quite understandable.


  3. A.Oscar says:

    The marvelous of human mind: could be changed the reflexes of pain, to the point do not feel the cold. But the mind may have limits: if the body temperature reaches to low, or to high. Now will be the part which has been ignoring by many: every mind is differently, which conformed to human body and health mind. For those need to have exercise: into the body and mind, some meditation and health food and drinks. Once more the marvelous mind: could do just about impossible things not everyone does, you could play with it; try to do the regular impossibilities, and you can or yes. Inclusive when come to love: and have a good relationship. A.Oscar

  4. banditrider says:

    The girl with duct tape on her nipples must have known she would appear on ER and did her own censorship. :D

  5. Tommo says:

    That seals it. Must. move. to. Russia
    just like all the idiots used to say when I used to sell newspapers for the communists

  6. OLUT says:

    Our national Finnish hero Matti Nykänen should have entered this contest. He might win the ski jumping part, but he’d surely win Most Crazy!

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