2 Kadom, Another Victim of Flooding

Kadom, Another Victim of Flooding

Posted on April 25, 2012 by team

Water level in the river Moksha that has broken its banks is higher 8-9 m than normal. The dams made by the locals from sand are being actively washed away and the densely-populated village is being flooded on. The streets have turned into Russian Venice and it even looks beautiful but the people have lost almost everything they had. The road connecting Kadom with the big world has disappeared for a distance 1 km long. These people do not believe anymore that someone will help them but themselves…


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2 Responses to “Kadom, Another Victim of Flooding”

  1. Mercal says:

    Do they sell paint in Russia, it seems everything is the ugly color.

    It looks like they are 100 years in past by the looks of buildings.

  2. OCKAP says:

    transport, ‘money’, ecology, then there’s the dear beloved brothers & sister beings living ‘there’ – in this case with other issues impinging themselves on their everyday – the cleanup perhaps + the sowing tending and harvesting for the next winter leading to another potential repeat – Paint dear bro/sis? The russian souls have a rich life without the paint and without giving up the love of it – all things at a time of appropriacy? Flowing water doesn’t move the stone hindering its flow, but perseveres, follows the law, the flow & lo the stone/s wear away. Much love UzQaa

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