11 If You Have No House

If You Have No House

Posted on April 25, 2012 by team

Last year in the Pskov region they held a conference where they discussed the matters of accomodation for orphan children. They set a task to provide them with suitable accomodation using the funds from the regional budget. The regional officials were also advised to look in the eyes the children who leave children’s homes and have no place to live in.

Half a year has passed. Let us see now what accomodation is offered to orphan children by the government.

The road to the Pskov region… Has it been a meteorite shower?

Not a single policeman on the road for 600 km..

Cars do not like local roads…


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11 Responses to “If You Have No House”

  1. yojimbo says:

    The translation is a little sloppy on this one but I take it that Dimity is a volunteer or maybe just a generous person and helped the Misha guy who is an adult orphan and “mentally defective” although someone probably just labeled him that at some point.

  2. DouglasU says:

    I pray he finds his sister….

  3. Tommo says:

    Haha, I’ve seen a rented punk house in Wellington New Zealand that makes that look like paradise

  4. Cabbot says:

    Wow…this guy is such a survivor. He had a parent, the authorities and even the carelessness of others against him, but he manages to get out and become such a cool person.
    Seriously, I can never imagine how he got slapped with that label. I’ve known people who were told they got ‘ADHD’ syndrome, but never saw a psychologist or saw more than a test (unlike people who write the DSM which was intended to stop doctors from misdiagnosing people–even people now are trying to push further bureaucracy into making it harder for non-professionals into using it (like teachers, social workers, etc)).
    Nonetheless, great report OP. This was an eye-opener.

    • yojimbo says:

      They said I had ADHD when I was in 7th grade gave me Ritalin which made me feel weird so I refused to take it.I do get easily distracted but I know that is my weakness so I just deal with it.Funny thing is I tend to work much harder on jobs and i waste little time with BS while working.

      • Fred Johnson says:

        I’d bet money that it was your upbringing, like TV. I’ve seen “kids TV”, that I couldn’t even watch, with the camera constantly zooming in and out, and panning and tilting. It actually gave me headaches.
        I’m betting that kids that were brought up on that kind of thing, have those kinds of problems.
        They’re brought up, from watching TV like that, their brain expects that constant “motion”, or stimulation.

      • Cabbot says:

        That’s the thing, I was told even in high school level psychology that even now experts struggle on what makes an ‘illness’, and what actually makes a person’s ‘personality’ instead. There was an amazing lecture that was filmed and went viral on the internet–basically a head of a school board discusses the changes of society. Since the intro of TV, video games, and life where people stay up longer than they did a 100 years ago due to artificial lights–it seems like many children in the recent 20 years are facing more and more stimulations than ever before. They’re even processing information faster from television and media than kids did in the 70s and 60s, and are thus getting more restless and impatient when schools try to teach them. Seriously, apparently the education system was still constructed like it was decades ago, and are just barely catching up to accommodate to the younger minds who were used to processing cartoons, information from toy ads, etc with flicks of a button per second.
        Now, I know ADHD can exist. But did the teachers try to take you to several specialists? Maybe tried to see your progress with tests through time? Very little teachers bother, I hear. And it’s definitely serious if they prescribe medication that may not suit you at all. And hell, everybody’s different. I procastinate like hell and if that became listed as an ‘illness’ 30 years ago, people would’ve got me in meds.
        I think the cool thing is, you learned to work your way out of your weaknesses, like most people do to their own when they grow up and learn how to work it out. But I don’t know what it’s like for other people…I mean, my friends? They got slapped the ADHD sticker until suddenly, 12 years old and they mellow out. They learn to work through their urges and found that schoolwork=a job and future. Kids at 7th grade are often too young to fear their future, so it makes sense if they have little patience with schoolwork if they feel that.

  5. biteme says:

    Better than the mentally ill get treated in America.

  6. bobsjobs says:

    its nicer than my first appartment!

  7. John says:

    Our leaders are “Mentally Defective” & Heartless.

  8. Leigh says:

    I wish him many hugs and cuddles, affections and that he doesnt get sucked into the bottom of a vodka bottle.

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