8 Have a Finka Ride!

Have a Finka Ride!

Posted on April 25, 2012 by team

Tumbotino village, the Nizhegorodsk region, is famous for its favorite winter means of transportation – “Finka” or “Finnish sledge”.

Cargo up to 100 kg can be easily transported by a “finka”.

“Finki” came to Tumbotino after the Finnish war – a local blacksmith fought there and saw the sledge to copy them at home after the war. Locals liked it. People call it “finka” or “tumbotin”.

The rules of “finki” production require accuracy: width between carriers – 320 mm, shank pitch angle – 70-75%. But why is the sledge used only here and nowhere else in Russia? The answer is simple – it was not enough to just bring “the recipe” from the Finnish war, it also required special steel. And Tumbotino had it – here is a factory that produces medical tools. So in Soviet time masters were paid 7 rubles for a nice “finka”.

School teacher with a mini model of “finka”. He also makes big ones for 2-2,5 thousand rubles (66-83 USD) if you find special steel. Though he’s started to develop a new model – from plastic pipes. “It will be feather-light!”

“Finki” help locals to be fit till old age.

Since recently we’ve been provided with gas and water. 4 thousand people used to work at the enterprise, now 200 thousand do! “We’ve never lived better than now!

“Finki” substitute walkers for elderly people. They may lean on them shifting their weight. Also you’ll never fall or slip with them.

Children like “finki races”.

It’s easy to move with a “finka”, one foot is on the carrier, another one is used to push off. It can be rather speedy.

Location: Tumbotino

via radulova

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8 Responses to “Have a Finka Ride!”

  1. Tim Dennison says:

    I never realized the type of steel made a difference

  2. Faith Gorodki says:

    “Finka” in finnish is “potkukelkka” and it’s pronounced “potkukelekka”.

  3. Johan says:

    And in Sweden this thing is called a kick (spark in Swedish)

    • Kent of Sweden says:

      And if you modify it slightly it can take a 1000cc motorcycle engine and a studded tyre between the runners at about the point where you stand. Then if you find someone stupid enough to stand on it and run it you might go for the world speed record for “spark” wich at the moment stands somewhere around the 200 kph mark (appr 125 mph)

  4. studmuffin says:

    Satana! Finns will eventually rule thye world

    • OLUT says:

      I certainly hope so! It would be nice to have all the countries one day be Finnish, it would make winter much nicer!

  5. Tsuhna says:

    here in Finland we call this “potkukelkka”; “kick sledge”, I have not seen one for quite some time, here mainly elderly people use it for grocery shopping and such, however I never thought that it would be considered as something special, as in my childhood it was still used quite often, and even I had one back then.

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