7 Practice Flights of Combat Helicopters In Chernigovka

Practice Flights of Combat Helicopters In Chernigovka

Posted on April 24, 2012 by team

Last time we showed you the process of production of combat helicopters Ka-52 “Alligator” in Arsenyev. Today we'll see their first practice flights over the airbase of Russian Air Force "Chernigovka".

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The new unique vehicles left nobody indiferrent.

Instructions before the flight


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7 Responses to “Practice Flights of Combat Helicopters In Chernigovka”

  1. yojimbo says:

    Notice the armor near the bottom removing the end caps for the fired rockets?That device holds the folding fins in place for loading and transport on some types of rockets like the American 70mm Hydras the fins are held in place by a storage tube,the pod tube or the loaders hands here the cylinder also holds the rocket indie the tube on other designs the pods have metal brackets that keep the rockets inside the tube during flight .The cylinder end cap is pretty clever because it eases handling of the rockets by loaders and makes loading the pods a little faster.

    • bobb says:

      The rockets are S-8 80mm, soviet equivalent of hydra 70. They have to be practice or simple HE-frag heads for the show

  2. asteroid no.444 says:

    “Old tradition-the pilot slightly slaps the nose of the helicopter..”
    Old tradition #2: the pilot says goodbye in his mind to his loved ones knowing full well he could be heading for his last roundup…

  3. Fred Johnson says:

    I bet that double rotor is noisy.

    • jeffrey pigden says:

      Less than you think. There are 3 main sources of noise on a helicopter; engines, main rotor, tail rotor. KA 52 has no tail rotor. The engines have quiet housings and exhaust suppressors. The main blade tips have a swept back portion to improve performance.

  4. jeffrey pigden says:

    1. Why would Kamov go to the A6 cockpit style. Bell proved 45 years ago that the tandem MIL24 cockpit was the better design. Just look at the changes from the MIL24A to the MIL24E, side by side to tandem.

    2. The VTOL characteristics of the MIL24V flying with the KA52 are almost the same (see 1:52 of the video). No extended roll is needed for vertical take-off.

    3. The taller rotor stack of the KA52 makes terrain masking more difficult. It also makes the mechanics of the rotor head more complicated. However, it also makes more of the engine’s HP available for lift. Were the head to be equipped with a sensor suite like the Longbow Apache or the MIL28, terrain masking is less important.

  5. yojimbo says:

    The cockpit set up depends on the size the aircraft in the KA-50/52 you cannot have a tandem seating arrangement without making serious changes to the layout out the entire front end of the fuselage remember you have to account for the controls and ammo tank for the semi-rigid cannon mount.The Bell set up was chosen for the AH-1 cobra because at that time helicopters where used much more in a gunship role and dove onto a target at high speed it was felt that a more narrow fuselage was a benefit (and it was then) more modern aircraft like the AH-64 newer AH-1W/Zs,Mil-28,KA50/52 all make use of much more advanced ballistics computers which can even make the accuracy of unguided rockets very high therefore they no longer need to make a more risky diving attack they can simply fly in a terrain hugging manner pop up align the rocket pipper and attack with good effect.Modern technology makes a side by side seating arrangement useful and the KA-50/52 is a demanding aircraft to fly so the two crew being side by side greatly improves crew communication.In the KA-52 side by side is the best possible seating arrangement.

    the rotor is only a few feet taller than a single rotor helicopter and still well within the parameters on any good pilot that extra height makes no difference when it comes to flying or hiding behind terrain in fact an AH-64 or MiL-28 with the radome on top of the rotor would have the same height as the KA-50/52s rotor mast does you feeling on that is not founded.

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