0 Shall We Serve It With Ice or Yakut Kingdom of Permafrost

Shall We Serve It With Ice or Yakut Kingdom of Permafrost

Posted on April 22, 2012 by team

30 km from Yakutsk there is a mirror-world with temperature -14C, a cool ice museum.

Vodka in an ice cup with sliced frozen meat welcome you. It must be the best Yakut tradition!

Empty icy caves…

Throne room of a local “Santa Claus”, bear skin on the throne.

Rooms of Santa Claus from Ustyug

Icy sledge

“Mailbox of Santa Claus”

Reception room

Office table


For having fun

Mammoth remains in a mini museum, you may touch them, lick them, whatever you want…

Ice figurines are everywhere. These are the works of masters from Siberia and the Far East.

Marriage registration room

The biggest frozen milk!

For breakage of an ice sculpture you’ll be fined for the sum starting from 3000 rubles. (100 USD)

“We are asking you not to stick coins on ice sculptures!”

But here it’s not forbidden – on a wish tree.

If your coin sticks at once your wish will come true.

The walls and ceilings are interesting…

Speakers for music are hidden under the frost.

Leaving the permafrost kingdom.

To find out yourself in dirty dirty spring Yakutsk!

Location: Yakutsk

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