13 Kozino Vocational School That May Close Soon

Kozino Vocational School That May Close Soon

Posted on April 22, 2012 by team

It’s not so hard to enter a vocational technical school today. No entrance exams, it’s enough to present documents and choose a profession you like.

They get senior secondary education and thus teenagers who can’t enter higher education institutions can get skills of a profession they like, find a job and have decent earnings.

As part of modernization of educational system for the years 2011-2015 they plan to open a polytechnic secondary school in Tatarsk, the Novosibirsk region. It will have to level up professional education in the region.

But in Kozino village, the Ust-Tarksky district, where former vocational school #75 is located, they do not like the idea. They are afraid that students will go to Tatarsk to study and the vocational school will close soon.

Today 41 students study in Kozino while its is intended for 100 students. The renewed dormitory is half empty. Most of the students are from poor families, there are some orphans too. They do not pay fares to get here and back and are fed for free. They also get a grant 600 rubles (about 20 USD). For progress in studies – bonuses. There is also a special higher grant.

Maybe soon it won’t be possible to provide each student with all this. They spend about 100 thousand (3300 USD) for one student. This factor will probably decide the future destiny of the school…

It’s amazing that nearly all the students of the school in Kozino plan to stay in the village. Guys plan to get education, serve in the army and come back to support their household.

But it’s still not decided yet if the school functions further on. Will the students study till the end? Where will they find their place in life?


Vocational school #52 is called the United Kingdom here…

Director of vocational school #73

Dormitory of vocational school #52

Masha is a local high achiever, creative, responsible and beautiful.

Students undergo practical training in such a useful way in the dormitory.

Ira and Masha in the dormitory

Guys arranged a gym here


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13 Responses to “Kozino Vocational School That May Close Soon”

  1. AL says:

    No more room in the world for good things like this. Same thing in America. We spend on money on weapons and corrupt politicians and it’s the younger generation that pays the price. For the cost of one tank, this place could stay open for years.
    Limit defense spending to three percent of GDP and outlaw the exporting of weapons and it will be a much happier world.

  2. moo says:

    Yea in the US there are very few vocational schools. Most high schools don’t have shop, wood, even ceramics anymore. I think vocational schools are super important becasue the majority of people will still not get a higher degree so why not give them experience and a profession they may use in life.

  3. Russiafan says:

    The High School went to in the USA had exceptionally good vocational training. I’ve used what I learned there almost everyday on the job for years. Later I went to a vocational school in the USA and thought I got a good education. It has enabled me to earn a living for many years now.

    But I full agree. Just because it was that way for me doesn’t mean it is like that for young people any more in the USA. We definitely need many more vocational schools and vocational eduction also in public schools.

  4. skopeil says:

    sad to see if this school close..

  5. Moola the Slave Girl says:

    There will always be prosperity for the person who can work not only with hands, but the mind as well.

  6. yojimbo says:

    None of you have been in the US recently it appears because you are all partly incorrect in your statements.

    There are a large number of vocational schools in the US the only problem is they are not in high schools they are a private school that you must attend after graduating high school(sometimes they allow high school students to attend as part of their courses).

    The only problem with these “technical schools” as they are often called is that they have little government over site in regard to what skills they tech and how many students they put through in a year.The result is that these schools often choose the jobs that are in demand(that is bad because this changes every two or three years)as a result many of these students when they finish school will have a hard time finding a job because many times the demand will have been met and no one will be seeking people in that skill.To make things worse many students from these schools get government grants which means that once they begin attending a course they under most situations must complete it or they have to pay the money back so in effect they are stuck at the school after they discover that the job they are learning is not in high demand.

    At the same time many high schools lack much of anything vocational at all so many students get no exposure to something they might have an interest in so they have little prospect for their future beyond going to college (if they can afford it) and that is not the best choice for eveyone not everyone is an academic there are many jobs that do not require academic skills.To make matters worse do to the poor job market there are plenty of older workers with experience who will take the lower pay of an entry level job and they take slots that young person might fill.

    I think the US and many other nations are heading to very serious trouble when it comes to jobs and trades the young people have little to no prospects much like the song by the Clash “Career Opportunities”, “Career Opportunities the one that never knocks”.

  7. yojimbo says:

    And in the US for many the only good job is one with the military but few can make that a life long career and they must come back to the regular work force yet vets have one of the highest unemployment rates in the US.Thanks for fighting in that war over there in “Oh where ever it is. What you want a job?Sorry what are your skills I do not understand what skills the military might give you sorry.”

  8. bob says:

    The failure of keeping these types of schools going is going to cost Russia a fortune and a huge crime wave . It`s more cost effective to keep them going and vital for a countries economy as well.

  9. I call technical/vocational schools “war skills schools”.

  10. Mercal says:

    The USA is now nothing more than a fast-food and importer of CHINA products.

    The USA will collapse it is on its way down due to Americans buying Cheap CHINA made trinkets.


  11. lord haw haw says:

    the UK failed to train vocational skills for a ten year period and then promptly imported Polish plumbers and DIY men and electricians. a very short fix…typical of “fred-in-the-shed” solutions the UK is famous for. vocational schools do have an air of “desperation” about them nonetheless. A kind of “this is where you go to stay out of prison or to delay pregnancy early in your life”.

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