8 Sitronics Factory In Zelenograd

Sitronics Factory In Zelenograd

Posted on April 20, 2012 by team

Sitronics factory in Zelenograd will undergo modernization soon. Let’s see how it looks and works today.

The fence separates the shops, some part is rented out.

Cutout, stamping and bending shop

Cutting press. A metal sheet is grabbed and moved to put a necessary place under the press. The press has a turret head with some different punches inside. Several holes may be punched in the sheet in various places.

Machine for laser cutting of metal. The process is similar, but instead of a press is a laser.

They produce various iron boxes for telecommunications. Used to produce equipment for microelectronics. Such a technological downshifting.

Bigger boxes

Very big ones

Place for a welder behind the curtain

Workers have piece wages, so they do not waste time

Automated line of powder coating

The smaller objects are painted manually and dried in separate chambers.

The place of plastic molding. 12 machines: Taiwanese and Chinese.

Old Chen De machines

The equipment mostly stands idle, only some machines are working. They mold some toys.

Doesn’t always look neat…

Proceeding to the tool making facilities

Numerical control block

Drum with cutters

Operator has lunch but the work doesn’t stop

Turning machine with numeric control

Grinding machines

Milling machines. They do not work much, produce 2-3 moulds a month. The Chinese produce 20-30 with the same facilities.

Old erosive machines

And new ones

300 workers are employed at the plant, their average salary is about 900 USD a month and higher, depending on performance. The best earn up to 2000 USD. Some part of orders is transferred to sub-contractors and it turns out to be cheaper than to make themselves.

Location: Zelenograd

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8 Responses to “Sitronics Factory In Zelenograd”

  1. Greg says:

    love the machinery. My company would kill to get it’s hands on some of that CNC machining and injection moulding.If you want to make your own injection moulding tools you must buy the EOSint metal laser sintering machine. Build the tool out of metal powder which is blastd with a laser. Take the plate out of machine and it is same size as normal bolster. Put it into injection moulding machine and say a big “f…k you China”. The reason it’s cheaper over there is because their government is fixing the exchange rate unfairly

    • Maxim Ч. says:

      No. That’s just bullshit US propaganda. The reason it’s cheaper over there is because people will actually work for less money because they have zero labour rights. Simple as that. You want $40/hour, the chinaman is happy with $5/DAY. Who is going to succeed in under-bidding?

      • Tangowolf says:

        That is not US propaganda. It’s just the opinion of an ignorant person. There are many Americans who are aware of how cheap the labor is in China and how there are no human rights with this kind of labor.

  2. Greg says:

    China might make cheap injection tools but there is (1) a risk using agents to get something over there (2) the language barrier (3) their moon festival slows delivery (4) the fact they will definitely copy whatever you do (6) double checking for mistakes prior to delivery (7) the simple fact that they are the other side of the world.

  3. Greg says:

    to source good industrial machines in UK for some bizarre reason people go on “Ebay” or “industrial auctions” websites for the machines….not that there is much industry left anyway. Anyone remember that the SA80 was so cr@p they had to pay the Germans to re-design it completely???!

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