2 Production of Combat Helicopters Alligator Ka-52

Production of Combat Helicopters Alligator Ka-52

Posted on April 20, 2012 by team

“Arsenyev Aviation company “Progress” named after Sazykin” is one of the largest enterprises of aerospace industry in Russia. The main pride of the company is combat helicopters Ka-52 “Alligator” developed by the Kamov helicopter plant and produced for the Ministry of Defence. Let’s see how these legendary vehicles are made.

“Arsenyev Aviation company “Progress” named after N. I. Sazykin is located in Arsenyev.

Airplanes produced by the plant have been repeatedly shown at international air shows and arming exhibitions.

The plant starts working at 8 am and already at 8.30 no empty parking space can be found. More than 6000 people work at the plant.

The production area of the plant is 290 000 m2.

In general the plant has 30 departments. Let’s start from the foundry engineering department.

This department has a unique Italian automated line for production of moulds and fillers of aluminium, magnesium and iron-steel casting that has no analogs in Russia.

The leading technology allows to increase dimensional accuracy of casting, its physical characteristics, also lets produce moulds for aluminium, steel, iron on one and the same equipment.

Till lately the foundry facilities of “Progress” were located in different buildings. All this equipment had been used for 30 years and had been considerably worn out. Some part of the complex had been repaired or simply hadn’t worked. So they’d had to make moulds for casting manually by ramming soil mixture. It had been a very laborious process. When they started using new complex, the moulds were made not from clay, sand or soil but from special cold-hardening mixtures. It lets increase dimensional accuracy of casting, their density and elasticity. The technology makes it possible to produce moulds for magnesium, aluminium, steel and cast iron on one and the same equipment.

Engineering shop of program processing of details 1933 m2 in area.


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