11 The Plant You Want To Photograph Again

The Plant You Want To Photograph Again

Posted on April 19, 2012 by team

It is a large Novosibirsk plant producing turbo-, hydro- generators and induction motors. The plant where work never stops. The plant you want to photograph.

Scientific production association “ELSIB”, JSC. is an independant engineering company – specialist. The main production is concentrated on one industrial site with a minimal use of cooperation and sub-contracting.

The main business lines: engineering and production of turbogenerators and hydrogenerators, induction motors, converters; production, starting-up and adjustment, maintenance of power electronics systems; service, packaging arrangement, repair, modernization of energy equipment.

Hydrogenerators are used for power generation at direct conjugation with a hydraulic turbine. Applied at hydropower stations, storage plants.

Body of a future turbogenerator

Big electric machine

Rotors that will be rotating inside the stator.

The plant has many modern machines, though they are not so beautiful as old, Soviet ones. So the last ones are photographed more.




Female crane operator

Number of personnel amounts to 1700 persons. They work in three shifts.

The greenest place at the plant: in the shops of experimental production.


Here is what they get

Next stage

Larger elements

They constitute a turbogenerator stator

Inside the body

Ready elements

The biggest carousel of the plant

Its side view





Location: Novosibirsk

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11 Responses to “The Plant You Want To Photograph Again”

  1. Seamus Dooley says:

    Impressive production

  2. Osip says:

    Looks quite crude…definitely not ISO certified shops.

    • Paul says:

      ISO certified means that you follow your established, written procedures to the letter, and that you *have* established, written procedures for *everything* you do.
      It doesn’t mean anything beyond that. If your procedures call for meeting a certain tolerance, and you have proof that you are meeting that tolerance, then you have satisfied the requirements of your ISO certification.
      It has *nothing* to do with quality of machinery or anything else.
      <- 10+ yrs as an ISO auditor for electronics manufacturing.

  3. mat says:

    Look at this. people working here on old folding, turning and welding machines as it was during world war 2. How You can have a high quality by working with such aoutdate tools? And i am not speaking about spare parts. Russia hasn’t advanced during the last 60 years.

    • Wolve_NZ says:

      Nothing wrong with their machines…

      They all seam pretty new to me, if it works it works.
      Its not the machine that ensures Quality, its the operator, We still use old equipment down in our Family Company from the 70’s, it works, no reason to get newer stuff that Has much higher running costs and only a slight advantage of Product output

  4. (r)evolutionist says:

    “The plant has many modern machines, though they are not so beautiful as old, Soviet ones.” :-)

  5. ivan says:

    Some brunches of russias industries has advanced and self renovated because it was a question of survivel, others not, because they function this way and get profits

  6. Zack says:

    Only the welders wear eye protection.

  7. kapitalist swine says:

    Using welding equipment to weld metal is very obsolete technology, modern shops use iphone app which achieves welds in 140 characters or less on a two inch screen. And lathes for machining round things??? Nobody who is modern and tech-savvy would use a lathe anymore, for machining now we just “friend” the right things on facebook and our parts are machined automatically in the cloud.

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