11 HINODE or Sunrise of the Russian Cosplay

HINODE or Sunrise of the Russian Cosplay

Posted on April 18, 2012 by team

A set of photos from the Russian elimination round of participants of the World Cosplay Summit -2012.

At the Russian cosplay festival HINODE (Sunrise)

Location: Moscow

via ottenki-serogo

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11 Responses to “HINODE or Sunrise of the Russian Cosplay”

  1. stolichnaya says:


  2. Foq says:

    there are some seriously awesome costumes! Awesome job!

  3. Sniff says:

    I spy some serious pokeable chicks! ;) Great work! Used to date a Cosplay girl! Her outfit was at real turn on.

  4. openeyed says:

    There were some impressive entries, nice post!

  5. Cabbot says:

    Badass costuming!

  6. Al says:

    I like the pink girl. Many hotties here. Halloween has always been the most fun holiday.

  7. sauron says:

    Apparently Russian cosplayers aren’t near as ugly as American cosplayers…

  8. Serenity says:

    I can name a few. :)

  9. Cosplay says:

    Those are some awesome cosplays with cute girls! I especially liked the Alice in Wonderland girls, although the girl in the pink dress was really beautiful.

  10. Vandenis says:

    I only can say: whaaahhh… Very nice characters, great details and resemblance. Some of them looks better, than true anime characters.

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